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"Well, don’t we all feel like assholes now?"

Why? The fact that Steve Lloyd made it a point (and vehemently so) to absolve Eugene Melnyk from this just lends credence to rumours and so on. If Reeds is going for a procedure, why hush-hush? Just tell us that it's fora knee or a blod clot or whatever, case closed. By using super vague language (a medical procedure can be anything from an operation to a thorough check-up) and not telling us when he'll be back, it just looks like Melnyk is pushing Cameron to the front of the row. Remember, it's not like the org was totally forthcoming on the Emery saga, the Alfredsson saga and so on and so on.

1 year, 1 month ago on Senators Organization Clears the Air on Assistant Coach Situation


Eh I don't know how much these stories about players are accurate. There were stories about Anderson pulling the chute in Colorado for whatever reason, but we've heard nothing but good things here (outside of his throwing teammates under the bus occasionally) so whatever. Teams tend to get "married" to their players and never want to admit mistakes, so dirt comes out. My only concerns with Stewart: Can we afford him? Is he going to make the Senators a better team and a more defensively-sound team?

1 year, 2 months ago on Ottawa's Playoff Chances and Whether the Olympic Break Is Meaningful


Jason Spezza's style (turtle-slow, high-risk, unable or unwilling to recover) works great in rec league or pond hockey but not so much in the crucible of the NHL playoffs. It was interesting hearing Murray Wilson talking about him on the pre-game. Basically, he said that coaches had told Spezza where to go for defensive assignments but he wasn't able to process it, his mind is about offence only so he gets lost on the other side. That just isn't someone you can win with.

Honestly, I wouldn't even wake up if I heard he'd been traded. I'd just roll over and go back to sleep, realizing that the team is finally growing up and building a real winner.

1 year, 2 months ago on Why the Senators Should Probably Move Jason Spezza


Interestingly and kinda on topic, I picked up Empire of Ice, about the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) and one of the things I found topical was that even then the team owners (who had 3,000-5,000 seat rinks) cried poor constantly. They weren't making any money, they couldn't pay the players, they couldn't compete with the PCHA's offers, they'd fold. Some of them did, of course. Quebec, Seattle, one of the Toronto teams but the Great War and Influenza helped some of that. Anyway, Melnyk has to cry poor so he can get his casino. I doubt he WILL get it, Rideau Carleton is settled if I recall, but he'll keep saying he's poor. As long as the team keeps its best players...because there are NO excuses for losing Ryan, Spezza and so on for money reasons!

1 year, 2 months ago on Kypreos: "(Senators) Aren't Out of the Woods Yet"

@slavitch Except Euge isn't going to do this. He's said he's going to give the team to his daughters to do as they will. Hopefully they spend more than he does.

1 year, 2 months ago on Saved By the Bell (Media) - Senators Announce New Regional TV Deal

For whatever it's worth SabresFront on Twitter is saying that Benning is out because Boston wants to retain him and that Murray pretty much has the job. I'm kinda stoked about this to be honest. If the team finally makes a search for an outside GM, we'll have someone who doesn't have a loyalty or emotional attachment to these guys and can perhaps take the steps to take the team to the next level, the playoffs. The stability has been nice, of coruse, no doubt about that but this team has seemed to perform at its best when the GM has been on the hot seat. Complacency and all that I gather.

1 year, 3 months ago on Assistant GM Tim Murray shortlisted in Buffalo?


@ALfERdSOn  GOing to take a different tack and say it's good news in a way. The braintrust hasn't put its gears to work in interviewing, foraging and hiring for a GM position in close to 10 years. They've gotten comfortable and that's a killer thing in the world of sports. Let's face it, the Ottawa GM post in the past was one that wasn't exactly stable, but being on the hot seat meant there was kind of a "win now" or "make your mark" event going on. And we had some pretty damned good and high-placing and contending teams then.
I'm all for some new blood out there. Paul Fenton's name keeps coming up, he's worked on a low-spending team and gotten some nice results in Nashville. Maybe he's familiar with MacLean since Fenton was a Jet too wasn't he?
Or maybe Leeder gives the job to Dorion as interim.
Either way, change is good. I welcome it and I'm thrilled to see what the new guy will do with what he has here.

1 year, 4 months ago on Buffalo Receives Permission to Talk to Tim Murray


I'll just repeat a tweet I heard of earlier when Melnyk asked people to cheer for Alfie but then the team:

tom howden@Thomas_Howden6h

@gosensgo101 @MelnykEugene Can we afford to cheer loudly for both Alfie & the Senators?

Sums up my feelings perfectly.

1 year, 4 months ago on Alfie Returns


At this point Spezza is a complementary player. The team can't, simply cannot, pay him 7-8 million a year long-term. His poor possession metrics, questionable health, his needed the "perfect llinemate", all point to a player that's a piece of he puzzle...but just not for the puzzle YOU bought and put together. Is Spezza is going to play send or third line minutes, that's fine. But no more than a 3-4 year at 5ish. It looks like he needs an "Alfredsson" winger that can do the spade work for him. Ryan is capable of this but they have no chemistry. Neil CAN do this but he has no skill.

Don't envy Murray this decision..

1 year, 4 months ago on Spezza the Key to the Sens Turning It Around


"Hey, at least this team hasn't hit rock bottom yet in regards to moving players to free up cash. There's still time for Murray to start offering draft picks with guys like Kassian, Corvo and O'Brien to free up cash."

Bunch of white stuff coming overnight and that sobering reality as well. I think I need to hit the LCBO, stat.

1 year, 5 months ago on Matching Up For Del Zotto, Ottawa's Enticing Trade Package


All of these are too true, esepcially 9, 8 and 6. I'm really really suprised about 5 being accurate and I hope (and am pretty sure) the Senators are just going to "whiteout" LeCollectif's jersey. Because I've been wanting a white version of that item ALMOST as much as I have a resurrection of the 2D jersey. And Senators management can't really be that tonedeaf can they? Can they? :(

1 year, 5 months ago on Senators Panic Power Rankings: November



Right, which is why Leeder saying the team didn't paper the rink is disingenuous. By his own admission they gave extra tickets away by the bushels. It's contradictory on his part, which I found odd.

1 year, 5 months ago on Cyril Leeder Speaks - Attendance, LRT, a Downtown Arena


Good read but: "We don’t comp per se for the sake of papering the house. We’ve never done that." I call shenanigans on this. The team has given tons and I mean tons of tickets over the past decade. I've been the beneficiary of such papering myself (that sounds kinda awkward...) from a then employee, for a playoff game Pens vs. Sens. You can be sure they printed tickets and gave them through Team1200 or just however to make the rink full on some dates.

Otherwise the article was fine but as they say....put your money where your mouth is. We've already lost our face of the franchise now if we lose Spezza or Ryan or...for financial reasons, we'll be calling BS on you Cyril.

1 year, 5 months ago on Cyril Leeder Speaks - Attendance, LRT, a Downtown Arena


To me the ALfie thing just sucked all of my energy and enjoyment out of the season. I mean, it's my team and all but that was so poorly handled. And hearing people chant Alfie at the last game shows that there are at least some fans that just want to stick it to Melnyk and maybe even Spezza. The continued haranguing of Spezza is getting really, really, really old.
I mean, just look at Toronto. Bozak is their #1 guy and he's injured. Bolland, a respectable 2 or 3 guy, is out. And they might lose Kadri to a suspension after tonight. Think they'd like Spezza? They'd sell like a TMLlion jerseys of his if he joined their team.

Man I hope he doesn't leave. Or Ryan. Or Andy. Or ZBad. Or...

1 year, 5 months ago on 18 Games of Disappointment


Oh and don't underestimate Alfie's loss. He was more "Ottawa" than I am. Went to work, did his job, worked hard, was QUIET, was NOT FLASHY, quietly served the community, had some nice zingers, kept to himself. That's like...85% of the people I know, outside the community service. I like 19 and 65 but they're a little flashy and they don't play a hard defensive game or with an edge. Great players but they leave me cold.

Anyway, REAL TLDR:

ALfie loss was a loss of Ottawa's heart, routines are ingrained in many Ottawans, once team wins a lot we'll fill the barn.

1 year, 5 months ago on The Ottawa Senators Have An Attendance Problem


"Still, Chris Phillips will be 36 at the end of the season and if the Sens are looking to turn the page (...)"

Don't bet on this. Murray loves his slow, plodding veterans that are great in the community. 2-3 year deal for Phillips to reward him for his community work, sadly.

Nikitin is interesting, but morons like Brennan and Garrioch will run him out of town because he's a Russian. Would at least love to see the experiment happen.

1 year, 5 months ago on The Case For Acquiring Nikita Nikitin


The worst part is he allegedly has a no-trade as of next year. Why give a bottom 6 a NTC? Hell, why give Clarke MacArthur, a player with no history or production in Ottawa and also a borderline bottom 6 a NTC?

I mean...these guys are replaceable and is another team really going to trade for Greening if they can't flip him elsewhere? The 2.65 seems like a big overpayment, but maybe we NEED to overpay people to play here? :(

1 year, 5 months ago on A Thought on Colin Greening's Struggles


" And I hope you have fun at the bar down the road in Kanata and that’s where you’re going to go because you can’t get a ticket."

Ok, I love the Euge's exaggerations as much as the next guy but I have ALWAYS been able to get a ticket. There just isn't that much demand for Senators hockey tickets in this town that I would be prevented to attend a game due to scarcity, excepting MAYBE the playoffs. And Gene...I wouldn't be at a "bar down the road in Kanata"; I'd be at home with my massive HD screen, with beer and food that are cheaper than the CTC. Now, I don't begrudge CTC its prices, but I'll not be going to something as sterile as the "SportChek Bar" (WTF???) when I can go to the Senate Club downtown. And hey, count me among those that bring a mickey in to Sens games and I know I'm not alone.

The MTL guy coming in...misses the point that..IT"S MTL. You can go to a ton of good pubs and peeler joints and be at the game in 15-20 minutes flat. CTC doesn't have that luxury AND our fans are pretty quiet most of the time (which isn;t a bad thing!) so I dunno how much new music will help. Basically, if the team does well people will get into it, but I don't expect a lot of jump in non-playoff games to be honest.

But yeah, I'll buy the book if there are anecdotes throughout...

1 year, 6 months ago on Melnyk Speaks - On Eve of Home Opener


"Eventually the time will come for ownership to shit or get off the pot and when that time comes, you can bet the fan base will stop paying attention to the organization’s lip service."

Brilliantly put. Cyril has said the money is there to keep players, Eugene is saying the opposite. We'll know in 2015 if Spezza, Ryan, Anderson et al. are all kept on board.

(...) "I reserve some skepticism whether the Senators owner would reinvest the revenue generated by a casino back into his hockey team’s payroll."

This 100 times over. Let's face it, even if he had his casino he could still say the same thing. And then he'd need a hotel, or a shopping mall. Rich people generally want to get richer (and who doesn't like more money) but at some point Gene should just give us the straight goods...

"(...) Melnyk told him that ‘He’s not that kind of guy (to take on a partner).’"

And again on the ball. I have no inside info but it's NOT like people haven't been paying to buy into NHL franchises, even locally. Wasn't there an Ottawa investor for the Coyotes? The Panthers just got a group to buy in. The Jets have a group of magnates. Hell, worst comes to worst get MLSE to buy in and we'll have LeafsTV adds on the boards again. :p

At least Melnyk sounded sane this time, progress!

1 year, 7 months ago on Eugene Melnyk Speaks


Yeah, Murray has done a good job with the system and so on, but at some point he needs to shit or get off the pot.

That pot is the playoffs and the team has won only one round (in a 48-game season) since he's been here. It's great talking about prospects but we're not Binghamton and at some point Bryan needs to trade some of these guys or this depth for veterans so we can actually go deep, or we're going to become the Expos or Nordiques pre-move and just falter and stay in some kind of youth stasis. And while Karlsson is a fantastic talent, again...playoffs. He needs to lead us to a Cup. Hopefully this year is a step in that direction. Jim O'Brien isn't the only replaceable one. Untoucahbles? Lehner, Karlsson, Ryan (maybe), Zibanejad (maybe) and Cowen (maybe). I'd just roll over and go back to sleep if anyone else on the team was moved or bought out.

1 year, 7 months ago on J.O.B. Looking for a Job


Good interview but I'm dying for a little steak here. All these prospects and going on about them is nice and all, but it's like being served hors d'oeuvres when you can smell the steak coming from next door. At some point this team needs to shit or get off the pot. Whether we need a new GM to do that or it happens naturally, this team will be judged by how close it gets to a Cup. We might have had a bad hangover after 2007 but I live in Ottawa, not Binghamton and I'm dying to see some veterans, especially WINNING veterans, in this lineup. I'm not sure how many more first or second round exits I can take before I start losing interest. 

This rebuild has gone on forever it seems.

1 year, 7 months ago on Bryan Murray Speaks - Captaincy, Lazar, Losing Players on Waivers



I would be if there HAD been sole sourcing. In September 2012 City Hall opened its doors to everyone to voice their concerns about the casino. Everyone from health officials to business people came in and guess who WASN'T there? Cyrll Leeder and Eugene Melnyk. In March competitions were open and AGAIN, they weren't there. At that time Watson said they'd prefer helping Rideau Carleton Raceway but at NO time did they say: "Only Rideau Carleton". There was even a vote on the matter.

It looks like Melnyk all of a sudden needs more money for whatever reason and this is his tilting at windmills. He keep saying he needs a "Plan C" but what about PurGenesis, his startup that he said could bring in billions in James Bagnall's article? Sure, this was handled atrociously but geez...Melnyk firing shots at everyone from RCR to Watson to who knows. Doesn't he understand how things work in Ottawa? Here you take your durned sweet time, write out proposals, schmooze politcos, make nice with councillors and in 3-5 years you have a decision. The process won't change for Melnyk, for me or for anyone.

1 year, 7 months ago on Melnyk Speaks: Calls Jim Watson an Alien, Needs Army Before Visiting RCR, etc.


What more can be said, he's batshit crazy. My only hope is that RCR or someone sues him for slander/defmation of character/anything so that he finally STFU and lets Villazor or someone be the public face of the franchise when it comes to politicking.

How many bridges burned today Eugene? City Council, RCR, OLG...

1 year, 7 months ago on Melnyk Speaks: Calls Jim Watson an Alien, Needs Army Before Visiting RCR, etc.



Yeah, I'd actually like a real quoute about that quote...and the context. Was it an off-hand remark, a sarcastic jibe, a joke, was it even said at all? I'm afraid I can't take anything at face value from our owner, just too unstable and too volubile.

1 year, 7 months ago on Melnyk Speaks: Calls Jim Watson an Alien, Needs Army Before Visiting RCR, etc.


Spezza seems like the ideal candidate for all the reasons you've enumerated. With all the drama going around the team right now, it would be a good story for the kid that grew into a relatively decent two-way player and carries the load offensively to be the next captain. One issue would be that this city hasn't always welcomed offensive players with open arms; if he goes through a slump then pressure will mount and do we really want him "re-booed"? 

That said, Phillips isn't exactly a home run either. He may have that garrulous laugh and be the warm and fuzzy choice, but he's not going to be here forever, and maybe not in five years.

They could go with Karlsson...he is the team's linchpin and he's got the flow and the cockiness that's going to endear him to fans and infuriate opposing fanbases. Whoever it is is going to have large shoes to fill and far too much ink will be spilled on the topic in mainstream circles...

1 year, 7 months ago on Unnamed Senator Believes Phillips Is Next Captain


I'm getting fucking tired of hearing Melnyk's poor little rich boy routine. If he can't pay for his seat among the NHL's high rollers it's time he stepped aside and sold the team or at the very least got a limited partner to help offset his losses.

Problem is, he's probably had one too many "Huge Euge" and just loves the limelight too much to even consider letting that happen. What a disaster. Here's to hoping Spezz and Ryan are going to be able to re-sign or this will get REAL ugly in a few years when our young core comes to RFA, then UFA, status.

1 year, 8 months ago on And the Hits Just Keep Coming for Eugene Melnyk


@Nichols6thSens @77Sens 

I'm not really likely to be swayed by a rich man crying poor. I asked my councillor to vote in favour of RCR on the 26th, Melnyk whines way too much for a billionaire. If he can't play with the big boys then he needs to sell the team or find a limited partner, his crying wolf all the time is super annoying and boring at this point.

1 year, 8 months ago on Melnyk on Alfie's Decision Factors


Thing is, it's not going to BE let go. If Spezza gets the "C" and the team struggles in its six-game road sting (Not unreasonable, team hasn't been aces on the road of late) it will be brought up. If the Senators lose ANY games to the Wings, it will be brought up and doubly so if Alfredsson gets a point or (Howe forbid) scores the game winner. The media have an automatic story for the team's lack of success or even resurgence (Plenty of leadership without Alfie), so please don't blame bloggers for talking about it. Hell, Sens fans are still talking about and will be for a long time.

1 year, 8 months ago on Daniel Alfredsson Decision and the Three Schools of Thought


Something that was brought up with this whole "If I have a casino tickets will be cheaper!!" Are tickets cheaper in New Jersey because Atlantic City has a casino? Are Gatineau Olympiques tickets free because there is a caino in Lac Leamy? No...why? Because tickets are priced to what the market will bear, like any other commodity. It's all about equilibirium. Owner wants X, Customer will pay X, meet in the middle...

1 year, 9 months ago on Melnyk Can't Keep His Story Straight


We are a small market because the amount of people who will PAY to see a game on a regular basis is miniscule       

We have what, 8,000 to 10.500 season ticket holders (and falling, if what I am hearing about ticket cancellations following Alfredsson's departure holds true)? And the team gives away a TON of tickets, Team 1200 gives dozens (if not hundreds) away each week/month (Say they give 500 a month, that's 500 tiickets upaid for by fans) and fans flock to the "event" games like Toronto, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Washington (when Ovy is thrilling) and won't pay top dollar to see the Islanders, Predators, Blue Jackets, Hurricanes...

The event-driven nature is made even more obvious when playoff games sell out almost right away...people want to be part of that rush.

The sad fact is until Ottawa wins a Cup a good portion of the populace will remain Habs/Leafs/Others fans that don't give a shit unless their team is in town and the other portion will show up when the team is winning/trending.TV ratings are high? No kidding...watching TV costs NOTHING outside cable, you can just stay at home and order in. $20 for chinese is a lot cheaper thatn $20 for a ticket then parking then food then....

TLDR: Ottawa is a cheap city that only gets up for an event game, or freebies.

1 year, 9 months ago on Is Ottawa A Small Market?


Murray is just in full deflect/woe is me mode. Melnyk's finances are a matter of public record, as is the Senators limit on spending. As of 9:45 a.m. Eastern, Alfredsson is not signed. Maybe Alfie signs in the next hour or so, maybe he signs in Detroit or elsehwere. Who knows.

One thing for sure though, losing the modern day franchise's first legacy player to free agency would end up losing the team more money from lost season ticket sales (people are ALREADY threatening to cancel if he goes) and loss of good will than would the 3-5 million salary he could accrue.

1 year, 9 months ago on MacLean Presser Hijacked By Finance Concerns


Silfverberg and Zibanejad were also left off no? No big deal either way, the point is to win a Stanley Cup. Alfie already has a gold medal so meh, don't want him getting "Haseked" and it killin a playoff run for us.

1 year, 10 months ago on Alfredsson Left Off Swedish Ice Hockey Federation List


Yeah I read that too and loath as I am t ogive Steve Warne credit for anything, his "taking your ball and going home" analogy is actually pretty spot on. I started to wonder what exactly Melnyk had invested outside the hockey team, the only thing that come sto mind is the Rink of Dreams, which was partially funded by taxpayers no?

I have no objection to a casino near CTC myself, but since it takes me all of 15 minutes to get to Lac Leamy Casino, and more than that to get to CTC, I wouldn't go there. I probably wouldn't go if I were going to a game either, need to beat the traffic on a workday and on Saturday, time to go to the Market or a house party. 

 I mean, if Daddy Puckbucks can't afford the team, can't afford to go to the Cap (Spending the same as the Leafs? Everyone has the same cap ceiling) then he should sell the team to someone with deep pockets that will give us the autonomy to spend as we need to.

1 year, 10 months ago on Sens Look To Move Up...Like Every Year



It's not "butthurt" but a sadness that yet again Melnyk has chosen money over history and allegiance. First Marshy, a great guy that has settled here, loses his pub because Melnyk wanted the lame Bert's Bar in the building. Now we lose Finnigan's, another tie to past Senator heroes in favour of the soulless Sport Chek Bar, or whatever it is. I know Melmak is from Toronto, a city devoid of any soul, but must he carry that taint into our town? We really need to embrace our hockey history in this town and this callous slap in the face to the Finnigan family and our local sports history isn't helping any.

I also note that SilverSevenSens is oddly quiet on nthe topic, they usually defend our local hockey history. Quite telling indeed...

1 year, 10 months ago on Scotiabank Place Becomes the Canadian Tire Centre


Seems all the teams were at the top of their divisions/league. Senators had a one spot improvement from 8th to 7th, probably not going to garner many votes? I'm sure if the Ottawa Senators finish first overall next season they'll get some love. Not sure GMs will vote for "average", or that they care about prospect pools or whatnot. Like the Adams, this looks like "biggest turnaround, highest finish" award. Seems fine, gives Bry-Bry motivation to field a top of standings team.

1 year, 11 months ago on Bryan Murray Does Good GMing, Is Snubbed


Heard some "Cooke Sucks' chants, Neil ran after him, Gryba too, team got distracted and down 0-2 after one.

Next time forget the retribution, just get the two points and move on. Oh, and Winnipeg won as well, only one point behind.. Worst of all HE got an assist on the insurance goal, so you know he didn't give a crap.


P.S. Great poster by the RSU, but next time GO SENS GO!!! instead of negative energy! 

2 years ago on What's Cooke'ing? Matt Cooke and the Penguins Return to Ottawa


Thanks for the podcast.

As for following AJ, I'll decline for the foreseeable future. He's just too crazy angry, too much of a chip on his shoulder and just too ranty. His bizarre segue into politics and Stephen Harper during last Saturday's post-game show was one of the few times I actually wrote in to complain to Team 1200's program director. You know how players tune out screamers? Same thing on the radio. I'll just go to another station for Senators/sports info. Anger management, look into it AJ.

2 years ago on Episode 67 of The 6th Sens Podcast ft. @AJonSports




Nope. You see, Melnyk sets expecations that Murray refused to do. When Melnyk says "Year 2 of 3 year rebuild," that means in 2014-2015 I can expect PLAYOFFS11!!!! to matter and for expectations to be advancement in the playoffs, since the rebuild is...OVAH. That is when all these picks should parlay themselves into squashing the Leafs and Sabres and Habs like overripe grapes and the swagger we had in the late 90s early 2000s will return.


The (Huge) Euge is also insanely funny and a breath of fresh air. Hell, I'd just turf Shawn Simpson and Dave Gross or Yorkie/Lloyd and let him talk to 3 hours, each day. In fact, I'd probably look at getting seasons again if he did that...


2 years, 3 months ago on Melnyk Speaks - Hot Dogs Are Important



 "But as soon as Melnyk thinks they're close, they'll ransack their prospect pool and bottom line with short sighted trades and signings."


Nothing wrong with that. It's great that we're all knee-deep in prospect porn, but at some point these players need to deliver at the NHL level, and by "deliver" I mean getting past the first round on a few deep playoff runs. I know we're all in love with Silfverberg and others, but...there are hundreds of human males drafted each year. Each of them knows how to push around a puck to varying degrees of ability. In the end, it's about the parent club and if we have an excess of prospects then dumping some for experienced, playoff-savvy vets shouldn't be frowned on.


I mean, I love that Bingo Sens are doing great but I want the OTTAWA Senators to win a Cup...and how long do I need to wait before I see that happen? I have a feeling Eugene Melnyk is similarly wondering and I wouldn't be surprised to see changes down the road if the team continues to underachieve in the NHL post-season.


Great article by the way.


2 years, 3 months ago on How The December 27th NHL Proposal Affects The Sens


Really, really wish the Alfie-Silf comparisons would stop. One is a future HOFer with a very late prime, excellent two-way guy that helped Sweden to a gold and captained an NHL team for the longest time. The other is...a prospect.


Just let him be who he is, the knives will come out quickly enough if he doesn't perform and the praise will likely be effusive if he has an average career. Alfie's going to retire soon, then so will Phillips and Neil and we'll have a clean slate, free of the past (excepting Spezza) to build a NEW future with NEW players...and that's when I'll be excited for this team. At the moment we have enough experience and vet leadership to make 7-11 in the standings but we don't have enough skilled youth to challenge for the Cup. Hopefully someday a GM will come in that will make us younger...because as James Duthie said, being one of the "Others" is no place to cherish.


Happy New Year.


2 years, 3 months ago on Can Binghamton Keep It Up?


"Upon further research, he hurt his back shopping but missed games in 05/06 due to pectorial injuries. Hence ‘tits’"


Hmmm, always thought it was because he was "chubby" for a few training camps, with man-tits. Looks like he's toned up since then, thankfully.


2 years, 3 months ago on Jason Spezza Nickname Comes to Light


Like Rush, it's inoffensive enough but it's also a slang term for a drug/excitement high so the junkies/maladjusteds in Ottawa will like it. It's a football play so that works and it also applies to the fans leaving the rink BUZZZZZZZZZZ stadium 10-15 minutes early to get to their cars, the excitement of getting tickets and seeing he first games has the "R" logo and the RR colours.


Like it way better than Highlanders anyway, that guy was getting too much visibility, wrote in to Steve Warne and begged them to talk about other names, even supporting the atrocious "Raiders" to get my point across. They soon started slamming Highlanders and got on board with Hunt, thus crushing what might have been an original thought that went far.


Man I love this city! :D


2 years, 4 months ago on Everybody Loves "Ottawa Rush"


I remember DaCosta scoring a hat trick in the pre-season didn't he? Having an abundance of riches isn't a bad thing, maybe we can flip him for some veteran help (Bonk knows we'll need it if Alfie Retires and Phillips goes and Gonchar moves on...) or even a pick down the line.


Good to see Bingo doing well, but again reserving judgment until the post-season.

2 years, 4 months ago on Like Clockwork, Richardson Speaks


Ah yes, I remember Gord Wilson in true homer fashion talking about Bochenski in the Art Ross race...never bought into it and made sure to email Wilson when Bochenski didn't rise to his lofty expectations, the usual amount of excuses followed.


As for Muckler...need we remind the Murray-adoring throng that his mandate was to take the team over the top, which he did? It's great Bingo has won 8 straight but it's meaningless without a Calder Cup and I'm *still* waiting for the post 2007 Senators to win a playoff round...maybe in 2015 or so? At some point these great prospects we have need to actually do something at the NHL level, or will we be content with just being a production line for the NHL's other 29 teams? :(

2 years, 4 months ago on Today In Sens History: Bochenski's Hat-Trick


Unfortunately "common fucking sense" isn't common. That's why we need quantitative analysis, facts and studies to elucidate us. The analysis you offered is good and appreciated. Zib will be forever linked to Sean Couturier, however and I expect those comparisons to reach a fever pitch if Sean continues to progress at the NHL level (if and when it resumes, of course) and that kind of handwringing is already occurring in some corners (HFBoards, not to name it). If Zib becomes our Nazem Kadri and all he ever does is score a shootout goal on Tim Thomas, it'll be extremely disappointing but at least he'll have given us a victory at the NHL level. Right now I have very few expectations of Zib and Silf, we got Karlsson as our prize horse...they can't all be good this early on.


And no worries on outside expectations, the troll Brennan is already calling Zibanejad a power forward, no doubt at the prompting of the Murrays who know a good section of the Ottawa fanbase are youngish and won't ask questions (to the org's benefit, as an inquisitive and demanding fanbase will put pressure on the Murray's to produce results).


2 years, 5 months ago on Lather. Rinse. Repeat


Just losing Konopka is a massive plus. With the new faceoff rules (no hand use to move puck), he's probably going to regress there. It came to a point where he "had" to get into a fight to get his penalty lead padded and this likely killed momentum or at least stalled it (remember a game would start, Konopka would drop them, team stops playing for a minute or two while it resolves...) so that's a great SENATE REFORM right there.


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Weird as it is but I'm over it. I'm looking forward to the day when Phillips and Neil stop hanging around too and we have all YOUNG players that rattle us off exciting seasons like the old days.

Thanks Alfie, it was fun but we need a new core of young Senators that skin their knees, get up and make their own stories and names in this town.


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Going to disagree on the "O", it just isn't rounded enough to look like an "O", it looks a little like a "0" which basically gets a lot of grief around here. We're not buying them for the foreseeable future.


Also, the Ottawa Senators pucks with the parliament logo were awesome. The little mini-sticks are nice. Senators scarves are nice too. I sitll want the old school 2-D logo on a black sweater though...

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I really miss Erin's blog, she was one of the few in this town (Well, Thunder Bay anyway heh) that actually took some swipes at the Senators and wasn't a massive pom-pom waver. Wish her well over at

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