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I love your site and congrats on continuously posting interesting and relevant stories. I'd like to throw a clarification for you though with respect to this article. A ratings point equals one percent of the total televisions in a particular city watching a particular program. If you look at Neilson's DMA rankings, , Pittsburgh has a total market roughly of 1.1 million households. A 12.56 rating in Pittsburgh would be equal to about 138,000 households. By comparison, using 2013 numbers which are most likely not the same as when Jordan was on the Bulls, Chicago has a household population of Over 3.4 million. An 8.9 rating translates to more than double the Pittsburgh audience (over 302,000 households). Although Pittsburgh had a much higher percentage of televisions watching the Penguins, Chicago had more than twice as many people watching the Bulls. Hope that makes sense...

1 year, 12 months ago on The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the most-watched teams in America | May | 2013