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I have large breasts. SInce I developed early I was always embarrassed by having large breasts. My mother always saying well it is whats up front that counts. I hated when she said that. She also reminded me how it was terrible to have a large chest.  So all my life, I am 58 now, I have hated having large bosoms. I always  was a size 36D.      Now that I am older and have gained weight I have to wear a 38DD.   I feel bad for my daughters cause they are both small if not flat chested, they take that from my husbands side. I told them that is better cause you can fit into cloths better. They say they were cheated cause I am so large.  I said no no I believe when you have large breast you always look fatter.    I wish I could be smaller chested but my mother used to say I  look evenly proportioned.   Thanks for this time  and thank you for being a wonderful bra lady and great website for I have learned how to wear the right bra now.

1 year, 12 months ago on Breasts: Is Bigger Better?