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I absolutely condemn all of those terrible actions against gay people that you mentioned in your reply. And I am not condemning people for simply having a homosexual orientation or being attracted to the opposite sex.


Many people have different “orientations” when it comes to other sins as well. We all have inclinations to sin rather than live a holy life. I have an orientation to have sex outside of marriage and was tempted to do so since I hit puberty. I have an orientation to have lustful thoughts about women. I also easily fall into greed for material things and am inclined to lie to avoid shame. I struggle with envying other people for their personal attributes and covet the material possessions of others.


There are so many other sins which people struggle with. My natural inclination is to sin in these ways and not to seek righteousness, but I take up my cross each day the best I can and submit my will to God’s. These sinful “orientations” are not pleasant to admit to and suppress, but Christians are called to this life of holiness.


In 1 Corinthians 7 Paul says that it is better not to marry. While this is a controversial part of scripture, it at least puts singleness and married life on equal footing. There are people who go through life without having sex or getting married. I took a vow of abstinence and will not have sex until I get married next month. Additionally, Henri Nouwen, a well-known Catholic Priest is known to have struggled with homosexuality but committed himself to abstinence and rejected his orientation for the sake of Christ.


Sexuality is a perverted aspect of life in our modern culture. Although sexuality is a fundamental aspect of humanity, it is being severely abused by the media. Our society is bombarded by images and lyrics that pervert the original intent of sex between a man and a woman. We are gluttons for sex and the overstimulation is at least partially to blame for sexual immorality being seen today.


1 year, 11 months ago on A personal response to Chris Broussard's comments on Jason Collins | April | 2013


This article, while well-intentioned, doesn't reflect the truth of God's word. It is not up to us as a society to decide what God views as sin. His word and the Holy Spirit give us clarity on what is sin and what is not. The social momentum toward gay rights is leading many to over-correct and condone homosexuality as not being a sin. This is probably fueled by the many people who don't understand christian beliefs and get defensive when Christians speak the truth in love, resulting in a lot of name-calling. No one wants to be called intolerant, regressive and a bigot because they believe homosexuality is a sin and so it is easier to condone the sin and put on the badge of tolerance while people give you praise. However, this is pharisaical [John 12:42-43].


Chris Broussard, however, loves praise from God more than the praise of man. He simply spoke the truth in love without an ounce of hatred or anger and he gets lambasted by the media. He doesn't hate homosexual people and, I think, went out of his way to emphasize that, but people block everything out except the part where he says that being a homosexual person and failing to repent makes that person a "sinner". And people get even more defensive when he goes on to point out that if you are sinning in various other ways (adultery, sex outside of marriage) without repenting, then you are also a "sinner". He is reviewing basic christian tenets and it shouldn't be news that this is what Christians believe.


The simple truth is that God sees many things as sins - adultery, pride, envy, greed, homosexuality, murder, lying, worship of idols, sloth etc. And yes, Christians believe that those who participate in these sins without a heart of repentance are living in defiance of God and his good, pleasing and perfect will. But, they also love those people who live in unrepentant sin (whatever the sin is). Reading 1 Corinthians 13 is a great way to see how Christians are called to treat homosexual people. 1 Corinthians 13:5 points out that "love keeps no record of wrongs" - we aren't (or shouldn't be) tallying up sins so that we can shame the "sinner" when they repent. No, we (and more importantly, God) are simply always hoping (as love does according to 1 Corinthians 13 again) for repentance and waiting with open arms.


Christians don't (or shouldn't) view themselves as better than homosexuals or any other non-christian who is living in unrepentant sin because they know what is is like to be a slave to sin and then repent and receive God's mercy and grace. The difference between Christians and non-christians is not sin - both groups sin. The difference is that Christians acknowledge sin and loathe it enough to devote themselves to a life spent running from sin. And Christians rejoice when someone joins the race - running away from sin and toward holiness instead.


This is getting long, so in summary, homosexuality isn't a special sin - it is a sin that is intermingled with a ciivil rights push. We should not lose (God's) perspective because of a political movement.


1 year, 11 months ago on A personal response to Chris Broussard's comments on Jason Collins | April | 2013