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 @Nate Dunlevy  @gbearrin this is the single worst argument for failing to improve your offensive line I have ever seen. Honestly, don't upgrade your oline because we have a franchise QB? Do you read what you write? I used to respect your opinion sir, but this is the stupidest excuse for being critical of the colts 2013 draft. We got a player in the 3rd round who by all means should beat out everyone else on the team at his position. The other options (at every single position available) wouldn't improve the 2013 Indianapolis Colts like thornton has the potential to. But to say that you shouldn't try to build a team with a strong oline because you have a QB that should try to adjust protection is idiotic. If a QB can be great with a 3 second dropback how good can he be with a 4 second drop back. And furthermore with a bad oline even the most durable of QB's will suffer injuries over time. See: Manning, Peyton for more info on this.


I can't believe what I'm reading on this site. I used to enjoy reading what was said here and I used to respect your opinion, good luck not understanding football, I won't be back to this site.

1 year, 12 months ago on What to Expect 2013: Hough Thornton and Khaled Holmes