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The network future proofs their PPV model. Instead of relying on the cable industry where you needed so many people to buy at 50 bucks and the WWE gets like 10-15 bucks out of each buy. Now they get the 10-15 directly through more people. The fact they aren't making a profit is from the fact they overestimated demand and the infrastructure for it was probably expensive. But still it will help them in the next decade plus. But Wall Street doesn't care about that they want the profit now and the next one to be bigger even if it is shortsighted and will kill the company due to over extending itself.

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Could have been worse. They could have put Danica Patrick's picture up

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I know people like how he's honest about how he doesn't care for the sport til the playoffs but humor me and know the damned basics about the teams. Especially the biggest team locally, Makes it seem like we aren't a bunch of assholes annoying you the sports pope on high

8 months, 1 week ago on Does Mike Francesa not know who the New York Rangers head coach is?


Bye McCarver... take Buck with you please

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Simple just do something more fun then watching golf... aka ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Nick Faldo has had enough of you idiots shouting food items



Why won't he just go away?

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Yeah but this list has Community on it so sadly that invalidates it right there

1 year, 2 months ago on First Take named one of the 20 worst shows on television | April | 2013