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You should also take the fans to task. All one has to do is take a look at the comment and message boards for anything Ravens related. It's Rice who has to overcome all these "obstacles", and they "love him" and think he'll be a "better man for it" (these aren't all exact quotes - but gives a broad idea of what those fans are thinking). You would think by their backing of Rice that he was actually the victim, and it was Janay who carried an unconscious Rice out of an elevator after knocking him out. 

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The real reason had nothing to do with Mariota and the injury. 

It was the offensive and defensive lines. Plain and simple. 

Mariota never had a good pocket against Stanford and was forced to constantly roll, step up, move around on that bad knee. They couldn't run the ball (this also showed up vs the other good DL in the Pac 12 - Utah). The offensive line was bad more often than not in the 2nd half of the season. 

Defensively? Their front 7 can't stop anyone. They are undersized and young. Their LB crew is inexperienced and showed little improvement this year. They generate very little pass rush. Their corners are obviously good, arguably the best tandem in the country. The safety play has been maybe a bit inconsistent, though usually good. 

Let's also not forget DeAnthony Thomas being awful, untimely turnovers, bad coaching, unpreparedness, lack of emotion. But, as football usual does, gets decided in the trenches. 

Of course I want them in the BCS, but does anyone honestly feel comfortable about possibly playing an angry Alabama team? With the size and speed of their defense, the pure strength and size of that offensive wouldn't surprise me to see them lose by at least 20. 

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 @hullcity2010 I'm sorry...CL quarterfinal match-up will always be bigger than a 3rd league game, regardless of what the stakes are. It's not a knock on their level of play but the Champions league is the premier club tournament in the world. It's not close. 


Either way, I just feel like the Dortmund finish was much more improbable. Needing two goals because of away goal differential and both in injury time? Unreal. 

1 year, 11 months ago on Video: Is this the most improbable finish to a soccer game imaginable? | April | 2013


C'mon...Dortmund vs. Malaga less than 2 weeks ago. Stakes FAR higher, and a far more improbably victory. 

1 year, 11 months ago on Video: Is this the most improbable finish to a soccer game imaginable? | April | 2013