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How did CBS end up with an NFC game in Bears-Vikings?

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Pro Football Focus should be incorporated into Pro Football Talk or given its own show on NBCSN now that Collinsworth is in on the site. An analytics football show would probably flop in the ratings by itself (besides me and two others watching it), so incorporating their work into PFT on NBCSN would probably make more since. Either way, using PFF stats and analysis could help NBC and NBCSN standout in a big way when it comes to football coverage.

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I'd really like to see NBC/NBCSN cut out Joe Micheletti as a color man. He brings no excitement to the game and perpetuates the stereotype that hockey is a boring sport. I'd like to see Daryl Reaugh brought in instead and get paired up with Kenny Albert. Reaugh or "Razor" as he's known brings passion, emotion, knowledge and wit to the position. He is of course infinitely more interesting than Micheletti is, then again, so is a brick or a 2x4. No disrespect meant to Micheletti, but the guy is flat out boring as can be!

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Pierre McGuire must be devastated to have been left out. To think just two years ago he was the main man on the cover of the game . . .

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I was really hoping he would reach an agreement with TNA to become their creative director.

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Please go to Total Non-Stop Action JR. They need your help way more than UFC does!

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I'll make a bet that the ratings for Fox Sports Live sky rocket with a college football lead in. The networks ratings on the whole will vastly improve with college football. It won't take decades or years to compete with ESPM IMO. For FSL it will take a few years of significant college football lead-ins to increase their ratings. The acquisition of more college football, let us Big Ten TV rights, and a few bowl games will be the networks vuala moment. That moment which will pushes them a whole lot closer to ESPN then you'd ever imagine. 

Then there is an entirely separate issue dealing with a potential Thursday Night NFL package. If FS1 were to obtain the NFL on Thursdays that would be bigger then huge for them and their show FSL. If they had the NFL as a lead in to FSL I think you could see them clobbering ESPN on Thursday nights as a network and in the FSL vs. SportsCenter match-up. Which also gets more and more people thinking about FSL as their destination for nightly sports news and highlights.

Football is, as we all know, KING, K-I-N-G! If you're network has good match-ups, college or pro, and has them frequently enough, you'll do fine. If you don't, you're toast trying to run with ESPN.

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I'm as big an NHL fan as they come. I watch games both locally televised in addition to watching NBC, NBCSN and Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts. However, I realize that niche sports like the NHL, EPL, F1 and others won't grow the network. They won't grow it's subscriber base, the fees they can charge to proivers, it's revenue, it's brand salience, really much of anything. 

At some point, even if it's the NBC mother-ship, it seems to me that the NBC Sports Group is going to have to pony up for an MLB, NBA, Thursday Night NFL or BIG10 TV deal if it ever wants growing subscriber fees and ratings. Without one of those, it seems like a niche sports network stuck in neutral. If the executives are happy with that and that's all they aspire to be, then terrific. If not, it seems there is a lot more to acquire in terms of live sporting events.

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I'll give Fox this, they are going BIG for Fox Football Daily. Not only are they bringing out their Sunday NFL crew but they are bringing in names like Donavan McNabb, Brian Urlacher and Randy Moss. Meanwhile, Mike Florio and his NBC outlet who reported this story, their show feels like an insignificant afterthought. None of their Sunday NFL crew appears on PFT Love on NBCSN. Not Peter King, not Rodney Harrison, not Tony Dungey. Who does NBC have on that show instead, Ross Tucker and Shaun King. Don't get me wrong, I like Ross Tucker as an analyst and personality, Shaun King is also somewhat decent. However, when you compare NBC's crew with that on Fox and of course ESPN, they looked like a clear second tier.

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Knowing Fox here is the likely, slated golf crew for the PGA on Fox...

Studio: Kurt Menefee

Tower: Joe Buck and John Daly

Course Reporters: Dick Stockton, Pam Oliver, Erin Andrews and Tony Siragusa

1 year, 8 months ago on Fox awarded rights for golf's US Open


I for one think Fox is going to try and be to outside the box for the average golf fans tastes. Fox doing golf has me real nervous.

And hey, nothing says golf like the NFL on Fox them...

1 year, 8 months ago on Fox awarded rights for golf's US Open


Is the Daytona 500 staying with Fox or will NBC have alternating rights with the race?

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I wished they'd take an approach like NBC did with their show, "NBC Sports Talk". "NBC Sports Talk" focused solely on sports topics and covered the x's and o's of a story without getting into all of the sensationalistic hype that ESPN (and now seemingly FS1) do. Of course, they cancelled that and put Michelle Beadle's pop-culture show "The Crossover" in it's place, so NBC's executives are not patron saints. However, I do want FS1 to give a legitimate newsy-esque sports talk show a try as I'm tired of all of the pop-culture spin type shows.

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Billy Jaffe, Ken Daniels, Randy Hahn and Bob Miller are guys I would like to add onto this list. Billy Jafee is my all-time favorite color commentator for hockey. Forget Pierre McGuire, forget Bill Clement, forget Craig Simpson, Jaffe is where it is at. Never a dull moment and rarely bad insight from Jaffe when he is the color man for a broadcast. When you can stay out of the way of the action yet combine humor and insight into a broadcast, that is a job well done, Jaffe always does just that.

I get the listening pleasure of hearing Ken Daniels every game as I live in Detroit. Daniels has an energetic persona when calling games and gets you emtionally invested as a fan when significant moments in the game happen. I also enjoy it on the rarest of occasion when he is used on NBC national telecasts. Randy Hahn, when I get to hear him via CSN Bay Area on NBCSN is another guy I really enjoy. Hahn, like Daniels, gets you the viewer invested in the broadcast, he has a great goal call, knows his stuff and has good banter with his color man, Drew Remda.

Can we please stop using Joe Micheletti "Inside the Glass" though. It's nothing personal against Joe, he seems like a great guy, but his commentary bores me to tears. With better options like Billy Jaffe and Daryl Reaugh out there I am unsure why NBC selects Micheletti every season for "Inside the Glass" but they do.

 If I were the lead man in charge of the NHL on NBC I'd work my crews like this...

Main Crew: Doc Emrick, Eddie Olzyck and Billy Jaffe

Crew 2: John Forslund and Daryl Reaugh

Crew 3: Dave Strader and Pierre McGuire

Crew 4: Randy Hahn and Brian Engblom

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Is there any chance that the package could get split three ways where either FS1 or NBCSN get the rights to broadcast games of the teams already affiliated with their RSN's?

1 year, 11 months ago on Handicapping the new NBA television rights deals | May | 2013


If Fox can put Regional baseball games from FSN regions on FS1 why can't NBCSN put regional Comcast SN games on their network? Do you have to have a national TV deal in order to broadcast regional games on a national network?

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 @rmah17 Jim Hughson is one of the primer play by play men in the game of hockey so CBC does have that going strong for them.

1 year, 11 months ago on CBC nails it with its opening NHL montage for the NHL playoffs | May | 2013


NBC should really get a fourth crew and someone to help out poor Pierre McGuire. The amount of travel that Pierre has to do is insane. How about  Billy Jaffe, Cammie Granoto, Larry Murphy, someone to help the man out.

1 year, 12 months ago on Your NHL Playoffs Announcing Schedule for 5/1 - 5/5 | May | 2013


I am a bit amazed that NBC could not get their own crew in place for the rescheduled Boston-Ottawa game. They had over a week to prepare for it and still had to rely on the Rogers Sports Net feed for the game. This isn't that big of a situation but I am still surprised they couldn't fish up an announcing crew and production crew for the game.

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