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I totally agree - I was in the same boat - coming back to the public relations industry after a 5 year hiatus. My concern is that our industry is still coming to terms with the impact and opportunities presented by social media - while this is happening, others are taking over 'our turf'. PR practitioners should be at the forefront of social - they are amazing and powerful tools for engagement and communication with stakeholders.

1 year, 11 months ago on Public Relations: Lessons from Marty McFly


Great thoughts here Gini - I am having trouble finding journalists here in Australia who are using Twitter in this way - but I am hoping its only a matter of time. As a PR professional, cold-calling a journo is so demoralizing - I like the way that Twitter can 'even-out' the relationship between the PR professional and the Journo - we both have something valuable to offer each other if there is a good relationship....

1 year, 11 months ago on Get Media Attention: Six Tips to Pitch Journalists on Your Own