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"As a tall (6'4"), thin (195 pounds) receiver, he inevitably drew comparisons to Randy Moss, though of course there are a lot more guys who look like Randy Moss than there are guys who play like him. "


One more thing to add.  I know this is from a different post, but I wanted to address the athleticism.  Technically, we don't really disagree.  You're right.  Since 1999, there have been 62 receivers that were 6'4" or taller that participated in the NFL combine.


However, add sub 4.45 speed and that list narrows dramatically.


Justin Hunter

Tyrone Calico

Marko Mitchell

Stephen Hill

Calvin Johnson

Tommy Streeter

James Hardy


Further, Justin Hunter led all receivers at the combine this year with a 39.5 inch vertical.  


His Broad Jump?  The best posted by a WR at the combine over the past 15 years (he's tied with 2008 prospect Jerome Simpson).


The point to illustrate is that, like Stephen Hill last year, Justin Hunter provides a unique and rare skillset.  He doesn't just look like Randy Moss.  He moves like him as well.


Link to combine data: 

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"A major cautionary note: the history the past ten years of wide receivers selected at the top of the second round is, for the most part, not very pretty. We will see about Brian Quick, but outside of Jordy Nelson there is not a single player on that list since I would characterize as "good" since the Bengals took The Receiver Futurely Known As Ochocinco in 2001."


Correlation does not imply causation.  Open that list to picks after 4 and the pool improves considerably. 


I think Hunter is a physical freak that might have surfaced as a top 15 talent if he didn't get injured in 2011.  His route running is more polished than he gets credit for (even if there's still room for work).  Real problem with his technique is he lets the ball get into his body too much, something that will need to be addressed if he's going to translate at the next level.


Further, even Waldman will admit that his evaluations are based on limited information (ie. lack of medical and interviews).  I'd like to think the Titans had positive information in that regard that influenced his position on their draft board, but that's speculation.  Even then, it's obvious that the Titans had a different grade on Hunter than Waldman/OS.  


No question, this is a high risk, high reward pick, but I think it's calculated.  And, if the vertical game is going to be a focal point of this offense, he fits.

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Good post.


I'm not concerned about the team running pure zone.  I think the whole "Texans offense" bit will relate more to play action passing than it will to focusing on stretch zone/OZ.  At least, not any more than we already run it.  Further, Alabama ran a bunch of zone.  I haven't watched a ton of tape, but most of what I watched used zone as their staple.  Obviously, he excelled in that system.


Pick 40 will be interesting.  Just looking at history, the pick is likely one of the pre draft visits. I really like Cyprien.  He played SS at FIU, but they put him over the top at times too.  If you can find when he's in those spots, his range really flashes on "tape".  I'd expect Gray, who loves versatility, likes Cyprien.  Excellent ball skills (which is really what we need), but also the ability to be a box safety.  


I wouldn't rule out Justin Hunter, either.

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