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I can't watch to a game called by Petros Papadakis for more than a few minutes; his voice is simply un-listenable. I know he's a USC guy and probably has some regional appeal out west,  but on a larger scale he's the worst voice I've heard do sports commentary since Scott Ferrall's 1-year disaster as Thrashers radio voice. Ugh.

1 year, 7 months ago on Where is Fox Sports 1 after one month?


Strongly disagree with the overall grade - the broadcast was awful. Mayock was indeed a bright spot and deserves an A, but after a while I started thinking he was getting some advance knowledge of the picks. Eisen was solid but at times seemed to struggle keeping things on track. Faulk and Mooch were all right and Irvin was beyond useless. 


The big problem was that the pick announcements seemed keyed to whenever there was an opportunity to make them in the NFLN's coverage. The pick would have been "in" for 5 minutes but they appeared to have to wait for when the commerical break was over or whenever the interview/talking heads finally finished (also, excessive time with the cameras on the talking heads rather than showing highlights of the draftees, another big let-down on the NFLN's part). This led to massive problems when they were getting a backlog and picks/trades were coming in even before the prior pick had been announced. They get a great big "F" at actually relaying what was going on during the draft.


(this comment submitted with the caveat that it looked to me like the NFLN was running the show and so the delays/backups were their fault. If not, they obviously don't deserve as much criticism as I gave them)

1 year, 12 months ago on NFL Network Round 1 NFL Draft Report Card | April | 2013