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There may not be a quick fix, but why not try something different?  It probably won't make a difference, but let's change the batting order.  Let's move Trout to leadoff or 3rd.  Who cares about Pujols' ego?!  Hamilton in the 5th slot is still killing us.  Move him down to 7th.  Kendrick is a freakin' double play made to order.  He should be last.  Move him down too.  Ianetta gets on base, he should be 2nd.  

I would start the runners more and play hit and run.  These hitters are trying to be too patient at the plate and can't decide whether to swing or not.  Start the runners and take that decision out of their hands (or brains).  

I don't know if this stuff would work, but as a fan, I'd appreciate seeing someone try something different.  (And Trumbo should stop trying to pull everything.)

1 year, 10 months ago on It doesn't get better, Angels lose 2-1, get swept by the Astros


How could DiPoto intend to win this season with a bench and bullpen full of scrap-heap rejects and minor leaguers?  This team has no depth. We lost proven talent like Morales, Hunter, Izturis, Wells, Santana, and Haren and replaced them with Shuck, Harris, Jimenez, Blanton, De La Rosa,  Mark Lowe, Enright, etc.  How is this a plan to "stabilize the team in the short term"?   If this were truly his plan, he'd be better off saving the money on the big contracts and using it to replace players where we had deficiencies, like in the bullpen.  Was Trumbo lost on him?  We had the fortune of a ROY candidate hitting 29 HR's in his rookie year and Kendrys Morales coming back from injury so we sign ANOTHER FIRST BASEMAN?   Torii Hunter's bat kept the team in the race last year, so we let him go so we can overpay another outfielder?  His big plan to shore up the bullpen, their most obvious weakness in 2012, was to sign a pitcher who didn't play at all last year coming off of Tommy John surgery?  


I think a better argument could be made that they wanted to make big name signings to compete with the media attention given  to the new ownership of the Dodgers and their spending.  In order to save money, they cut any players who wasn't a starter or star (bench, pen and back of rotation), and replaced them on the cheap (career minor leaguers, rookies who aren't ready, the injured and other teams' rejects).  


This is exactly the formula to de-stabilize a team.

1 year, 11 months ago on Jerry Dipoto's rebuild/reload plan


No starting pitchers?  Dumb idea.  They're stars too.  Just limit them to an inning.  

Make the result not count for anything.  Having it dictate home field advantage in the World Series is a lame idea, because it precludes a better idea of having the team with the best record get HFA.

1 year, 11 months ago on Six ways to improve the All-Star Game | April | 2013 Articles


You forgot to mention that Weaver's injury took Richards out of the pen.  

1 year, 11 months ago on The Angels bullpen is a disaster | May | 2013 Articles


Excellent analysis.  I still put the bulk of this problem on DiPoto.  He put this pitching staff together.  He put the bullpen together.  

1 year, 12 months ago on Mike Scioscia and the vicious cycle of bullpen usage


Wow... look at all that young pitching the Angels sent away.  Lucky for us we held onto Kevin Jepsen!  (LOL!)



2 years ago on The Toll of Trading Prospects


Totally bummed now that I found out Jimenez is 30 years old.  Same as Callaspo.  He's a scrap heap find of Jedi's.  I thought he was a rookie that was UTR.

2 years ago on Jimenez, Callaspo and the coming philosophical war