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@StyvesKlein This is not how the term is typically used in my experience, and I think clearly not the way it's used here: Pat calls him a "one-dimensional slugger" not a "one-dimensional player," which indicates that the one dimension in question is meant to be power. In general, it's silly to equivocate the value of hitting vs fielding or baserunning, since hitting is by far the most important.

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I've long found the abuse that Bonds takes fairly absurd, especially from Pirates fans. We had the opportunity to watch one of the two or three best players in the entire history of baseball, and for part of that time we even got him on our team. That's awesome and I think it's something to be celebrated; the effort by some people around baseball to hate accomplishments of the last two decades in direct proportion to their magnitude reeks of the worst kind of nostalgia to me.

And if ya ain't cheatin', ya ain't tryin'.

To go along with this idea of minimizing guys' accomplishments, I want to nitpick the characterization of McGwire as a "one-dimensional slugger". Obviously he was no use in the field or on the bases, but he was great at reaching base and after a bad run in his early career his average was usually decent to very good. McGwire had insane power IN ADDITION TO being a good all-around hitter, and I think the meme of him being "one-dimensional" is really a creation of writers who want to keep him out of the Hall but don't want to look at more than a career batting average to justify themselves.

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