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Webber is absolutely right  No excuse for cameraman to get this close to a point you injure a player.  What in 2014 there isn't a ZOOM setting?   Fans are outraged by this carelessness and even more they don't really give a DAMN!!

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Good work!  I really liked he insight you laid out on Mike Brown. They need to do what is right for the team regarding Tristan.  That Lebron's agent connection should not hold any GM hostage on what s right. It's troubling he still doesn't have a  jumper, isn't a good passer, bad rim protection and simply gets owns by close to half of the PF/Centers in the league.  This position needs a serious upgrade !  We needs a GM that detach himself from emotion and the Lebron connection regarding Tristan.

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I like the better communication I'm seeing Brown having with the players. I know it's only summer league. So many times during regular season games; the crossed arm coach had little interaction with the players on what to do. It's clear that will not be the case now.



Scott was a likeable guy. No question He developed  not  just Irving, Waiters, Thompson, Zeller but also unleashed Varejao to score more (Mike Brown never encouraged that) and reinvented Livingston and put Ellington on the map. Expectations from the organization was minimal. He didn't have to make playoffs, win at least 30 games (low) and improve in defense as a whole. That's IT!!  After 3 years, Cavs still the worst defensive NBA team. Players in college baskeball played better defense. No lie!  Defense killed the Cavs more than the slew of injuries and there isn't any supporting evidence that this would change because Scott just didn't teach it.  Granted there was inexperienced players losing us games but you can only take that so far. Did you forget Scott's maddening in game coaching? No time outs until 10 down, no time outs in ticking seconds of a possible win(players panicked for his guidance). Insane rotations of yanking hot players and leaving in unproductive players with 3 turnovers in for too long. . Not putting a needed Tristan in sooner to help us win in a close game. His stupid doghouse of 2 token players banned for months. You are delusional if you don't believe at times his coaching did cost the Cavs a few games. It is being leaked out the organization did try to talk to him about defensive issues and the above but it fell on deaf ears. As a coach, you have to teach the tools they need to win but also COACH WELL during the games. This wasn't going to change and they had no choice but to let him go. Wish Scott the best because he is really nice guy but we need more than being nice to win.

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