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My 30-year-old daughter is receiving SSI benefits because of a TBI.  She receives the full amount because she is able to pay her share of food, shelter, etc.  The two of us own a house together.  I am considering letting my other daughter, son-in-law, and grandson move in with us.  It would help them financially, and since my daughter works from home she can help me care for my disabled daughter.  I will not be charging them for rent or utilities, but they will be responsible for their own groceries.  Will this affect my daughter's benefits?  My son-in-law is currently trying to get SSDI, and I think he will eventually get it.  Will the fact that one household member is receiving SSI and another is receiving SSDI affect the benefits of either of them?  Thanks for any help or advice.

2 years ago on Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits – Who's Eligible and How it Works