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1) NBC has some USMNT friendlies.  They are part of the MLS package they have, they were sold together.

2) USMNT CONCACAF road games, so all games of qualifying, are sold, by rule, by the home side.  You might remember that in the past these games were shown on closed circuit pay per view TV only in bars.  The other federations only care for money and BeIN put up OUTRAGEOUS offers for these games.  For all the money ESPN has, I can't blame them for not matching what BeIN and their AlJazerra money chose to offer.    ESPN in turn bought the rights from FMF to all of Mexico's home games to guarantee they'd have the Azteca fixture and not BeIN.    

1 year, 7 months ago on Behind the scenes at USA-Mexico: The pinnacle of ESPN's soccer revolution


NHL Network is NOT Nielsen rated, so you can remove that from the article.  

1 year, 9 months ago on NHL Network needs to catch up with its league-owned brothers


To folks not shelling out the ridiculous $15 a month for FS+, this is a huge step up. 

2 years ago on NBC reveals English Premier League coverage plans | April | 2013