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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE..... start adding more trains for the Cardinal.... This train has a HUGE ridership, and runs three days a week, the ridership would go up even more with more trains, and would be SO much MORE convenient!!!  Come on AMTRAK.....let's get on board for some smooth railing on the Cardinal!!!

4 months, 1 week ago on Amtrak Adds Extra Thanksgiving Trains


I believe that the Cardinal would top that list if they would start running it more than three days a week.  I LOVE train travel, but the way this train runs makes it very restricting, I ride a WHOLE lot, and would probably ride more if they would run it more.  It also is always over crowded, and sold out, doesn't that maybe just give you a little hint that you need to upgrade it??  I see so many other trains running more often, adding more cars, adding more routes, but of course, West "by God" Virginia is last as usual!!  Come on AMTRAK, let's get this route on the ball!!  

1 year, 9 months ago on Best Month Ever!