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I have been traveling Amtrak exclusively at least 15 years ago.  I have been East to West, North to South, and all stops in between.  I have had exciting trips, and some not so exciting trips, but ALWAYS adventurous trips.  I road the train when there were more seats open then filled, and I talked up Amtrak whenever I could, to whomever I could.  I have met people from coast to coase, and from Canada, Russia, Great Britain, France, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Brazil, India, Asia, The Phillipines, and more, I have learned, made friends, listened to many, and talked about my adventures to many.  I have 11 grandchildren, and every single one of them have traveled on the trian with me, up to 5 at a time.  Employees from Amtrak in my area, especially on the Cardinal, know me by name and treat me so great.  I know what engineer is driving when I am on, and who the crew is.  I get "special" treatment.  I have seen Amtrak travelers increase from a handful to a trainful, with no room to spare and having to add cars.  I love the train and could write a book about my travels.  One Christmas season I was traveling, and while I did I read the book "The Christmas Train" by David Balducci, what a wonderful book. Riding the train so much, I had traveled with employees that reminded me of the characters in the book.  I have train books, train magazines, and tell my students about my trips.  My granddaughter and her mom and brothers took the train with me to Penn Station last summer, my granddaughter was mezmerized with the scenery especially as we were coming in to the city.  She was looking in the window and saying, I just can't believe I'm really here, it's beautiful and magical, I love it. She kept her eyes out the scenery until we went in to the station.  They all had such a great tip that year, they are all going back again this year.  Amtrak has helped me and my family bring so many great memories in to our lives and we thank you for that.  My 18 year old grandson who is getting ready for college told me the other day... Mamaw, I really miss you and the train, I can't believe I road that train with you for 12 years, and I was the first grandchild to do that.  I know I can ride it by myself, but it wouldn't be the same without you!!  

1 month, 3 weeks ago on One Mom’s Reason to Ride


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE..... start adding more trains for the Cardinal.... This train has a HUGE ridership, and runs three days a week, the ridership would go up even more with more trains, and would be SO much MORE convenient!!!  Come on AMTRAK.....let's get on board for some smooth railing on the Cardinal!!!

7 months ago on Amtrak Adds Extra Thanksgiving Trains


I believe that the Cardinal would top that list if they would start running it more than three days a week.  I LOVE train travel, but the way this train runs makes it very restricting, I ride a WHOLE lot, and would probably ride more if they would run it more.  It also is always over crowded, and sold out, doesn't that maybe just give you a little hint that you need to upgrade it??  I see so many other trains running more often, adding more cars, adding more routes, but of course, West "by God" Virginia is last as usual!!  Come on AMTRAK, let's get this route on the ball!!  

2 years ago on Best Month Ever!