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Some tidbits you can share with the idiotic TTUN fans holding onto history before we were alive (hence other words...WAY before American football became relevant;-) Just for you Kiddet. Since he can't understand this was originally a thread about May's hatred for OSU.  Seems Keddet may be worse:-)

Since TTUN is in contention for a lot of our recruits I figured I would compare us head-to-head since I’m sure one of their major pitches is the historical success of their program. (Not verified as I looked pretty quickly but the preliminary results were pretty interesting)

Since 1919 (before which OSU never beat TTUN) the head-to-head series is tied 45-45 (if you do not take out the 2010 win) and since 1928 OSU is ahead 42-39 winning 10 out of the last 12

Since 1919 OSU leads in wins 692-681 (680-681 if you take out 2010) and since 1928 they are ahead 651-628 (117-90 since our national championship season in 2002)

Since 1919 OSU leads in national championships 7-6 and since mid-century they are ahead 6-1

Since 1928 conference championships are tied 31-31 (32-31 if you count 2010) and OSU is ahead 7-2 since 2002

OSU leads in Heisman Trophies 7-3

OSU leads in BCS bowls 9-5 (if you count 2010) as well as BCS bowl wins 6-2

Finally, OSU leads in NFL draft picks 329-274 (70-43 since 2002) and 1st round draft picks 68-40 (14-6 since 2002)

TTUN can say all they want about their program but if you look at the facts, if you remove irrelevant early years when there was not as much competition and look at close to the last century, especially the last decade, The Ohio State University has been a much better program. Go Bucks!

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2 years ago on Mark May's feud with Ohio State fans continues | April | 2013


 @kiddet  @BenHopkins 12-0...all I need to say. BTW who's the one who got on here originally to "whine" as you call it.  I'm proving a point...your team owns a record that every sports fan will acknowledge is older than we are.  IF you say 1890-1950 with TTUN winning 80% of those games and now say your team owns us is a JOKE.  Wake up bud...your team will lose and continue to do so to OSU.  You know it...accept it and move on.  I won't see me here again.  It was originally to say how Mark May is just a ignorant I can see you are just as much as him....obviously.  GO Bucks!

2 years ago on Mark May's feud with Ohio State fans continues | April | 2013