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this experiment in freedom  the only real one in 10,000 years of history to trust in the wisdom of its people suffered abortion attempts from birth power groups caused it to be weak by allowing the rich to deny the public the right of informed self interest. in order to make this rare gift to humanity to not  work the rich and powerful want communism in its present form corporate communism  or facist  , the killers of humanity. This thing must work because if it dies humanity will end with it.This experiment will work if we the people  enslave the wealthy somehow because of their greed enslave the media because of their arragance enslave the bankers because of their desire to kill us. the poison words below comes from brainwashing not from the society that this experiment was designed to nourish  We are in a survival of the fittest society  the republic meant  to me survival of all because the government is WE ,US, YOU YOUR NEIGHBOUR WITH UNDERSTANDING AND COMPROMISE OPENNESS .Not with lies decite propaganda brainwashing  or lowering humanity to the level of  an animal again like the powerful want

2 years ago on Missouri: Act Now to Help Nullify Federal Gun Control – Tenth Amendment Center Blog