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Track, Road, and Cross were ALL covered by a single license before. You could also combine Cross and MTB if you wanted. This only helps the very small percentage that wanted to mix MTB and a paved (road, track) discipline. Since those seasons run concurrent, not many choose to do so. 

This is basically a $10 license fee increase for most license holders. 

1 year, 4 months ago on USA Cycling Modifies License Fees: One License for All Disciplines, Higher One Day Fees


It's not the category system that's broken, it's the upgrade system. 

We need more generous upgrade requirements and enforce 'mandatory' upgrades. 

Start moving these regular top 10 Cat 4s into the 3's, and the 3's into the 2's. 

The sport is bottom heavy and full of sandbaggers who are afraid to cat up! 

2 years ago on Cyclocross and Cat 5: Viewpoints from East to West Coast, from Rookie to Master