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Lots of ILBs now (Woodyard, Brown, Fokou, McCarthy, Gooden, and maybe Ayers at SILB).  What about Gooden at SS?  He played safety in high school and seems to have plenty of speed and smarts.  Not that I don't like Pollard, but it would be nice for last years 3rd round pick to have some roll on the team--backup to the backups at ILB doesn't seem like much.  If we could get Woodyard, Brown, Gooden, and Michael Griffin on the field together, that would be a lot of speed in the middle of the D.  Gooden certainly seems more likely to have a future in the league than Stafford.  The fourth safety seems like a bigger contributor than the 5th (or 6th) ILB.  


1 month ago on Titans sign LB Wesley Woodyard