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I think the frustration is that in a game of stats where every pitch or swing is analyzed it's still next to impossible to asses the manager's WAR.

No one hangs up on the small moves when you win, but when a team this talented goes through an ugly patch and L's 6 and the manager is sacrificing someone from 2nd to 3rd- he'll be scrutinized. When he doesn't pinch hit for a guy who hits once every 20 times at bat, late with men on in a tied game- it will make people second guess his methods. And then when he sounds confused/ unsure/ lost about these decisions in the post game press- well..

The obvious problems are Kemp, Eithier not hitting, Hanley is out, and weak/ wounded pitching- but I can't help but feel that different managing could have turned one or two of these closes games around.

1 year, 11 months ago on So You Want to Fire Your Manager


I know this nothing compared to the loss...But dodger stadium put in these giant HD screens and won't play amsingle replay of "PLAYS"- not even an amazing hit or a double play... We have giant 1080P screens for Kiss Cam? It really sucks in the stadium and they have somehow forgotten why they spent the money- looking at you Stan.

2 years ago on Padres @ Dodgers April 15, 2013: Jackie Robinson Day