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Hi Molly. I am sure both Joan and I are available for fact checking anytime. The USGP and all of it's race were owned and operated by our company. It was this drive towards production and consistency that made the series special. When we made the decision to stop we sought out each of our local organizers to try to continue. We certainly want the sport to grow and succeed. Each and every group in Madison, Louisville, Ft Collins and Bend has what it takes and knows how to run a world class event. They have each been in the sport for a long time and as a group we have all been fortunate to learn from one another. The US has the greatest cross racing in the world. We just need to stop looking at Europe for justification. We are unique. Just look at women's racing. Big fields and lots of fun. Our men's field may not compete with the Super Prestige. But do we really want to see races with 30 starters? Careful what you wish for. I think US cross is great like it is. Cheers Bruce

1 year, 10 months ago on What’s Happening to the USGP Races? Part 1 of 6


Well said Sean. Hats off to Clark Natwick and Lyle for the vision before. Now where to?

2 years ago on Attention Promoters: USA Cycling Announces 2013-14 Cyclocross National Calendar Bid Application