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I've had multiple devices. From both copanies. Samsung has the better product but is unwilling to bring the device quality. HTC doesnt mind the device quality. Yet, the business architecture has not performed in the recent years with horrible Trade Marks "Quietly Retarded" and HTC Sense being bloatware. TouchWiz is not much better. Both are unessesary overlay Android does not need.


Here is what Samsung needs to go toe to toe with Apple.


- Uniform form factor for the next 3 generations of the S4. This allows for the form factor to be recognized by the public and prevent people from having to purchase new accessories everytime they get a new generation of phone.


- Maintain branding of S-Series and enumeration


- Screen size max 4.7"-5"


- Kill the Analog button on the front of the dam phone! Android has software thats integrated that perform this function a.k.a Softkeys. I dont need the iphone button on the front of my android


- Realize that I do not want my Android to look like an iphone. So not confuse this with the desire to have a quality phone.


- Introduce a magnetic Micro USB Jack that is either magnetic + contact based or Micro usb key fit + Magnetic. This is to the the problem with usb charging ports.


- Electrostatic sensors - to assist with phone orientation and general telemetry applications can utilize.


- Front Facing Camera @ 1080p/3megapixels - this is what current 1080p T.Vs display correct?


- Uniform Speaker Layout either on side, bottom or top and bottom.



Thanks for reading.


1 year, 11 months ago on Samsung Worried Galaxy S 4 Quality Not Up To Par With HTC One, Could Update Design For Future Devices