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I hope nobody thinks that's a serious comment, btw.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Do the Dodgers have an internal replacement for Dan Haren?


Can't they just forfeit every 5th game and take the extra rest?  I mean, if they're going to lose anyway, why take the risk if injuries (i.e. Puig, A-Gon) and wearing down the bull pen.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Do the Dodgers have an internal replacement for Dan Haren?


Losing, not just sending down (which is bad enough) somebody like Rosin in order to keep League is exactly what is wrong with the attitude of "I don't care how much they spend,  It's not my money,"  That philosophy only works when the spent money just means spending the money.  It doesn't work when it also results in really bad choices down the line.  It's bad enough to have to keep League and sending down somebody that is better.  But to have to lose a player completely out of the organization is not defensible. 

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Liking Seth Rosin Is Just Going To Make It Harder To Let Him Go


I think I'm ready to give up the draft choice and go with Drew

8 months, 2 weeks ago on Emilio Bonifacio, Yet Another Potential Utility Infielder


@Lobo @DodgerDoodle They HAVE two SS.  They'll just need to play one at 2B which doesn't always work

11 months ago on Third Base Market Only Getting Tougher For Dodgers


1. Dodgers eat 90% of Either's salary and trade him to Texas for Andrus, cuz they have two SS

2. Rangers use saved money to sign Cano

3. Dodgers move 2014 MVP to 3B

Everything is so simple in my world

11 months ago on Third Base Market Only Getting Tougher For Dodgers


I wouldn't do that trade for 3 reasons:  1) Everyday players over 1/5 players, 2) Dodgers already have a lot of pitchers 3) Lot higher chance of Puig having a longer career than a pitcher.

However, i do agree with your pick for RoY.  My tipping point is that Puig had a lot more 'bad' things happen.  I think Fernandez was  more consistently great.  I'd pick Puig if the award was Most Valuable Rookie because i think that Puig was more valuable to the Dodgers than Fernandez was to Florida.

11 months, 1 week ago on Yasiel Puig Isn’t Going To Win Rookie of the Year, And That’s Okay


I hate PEDs for a lot of reasons, but I don't want to debate that here.  HOWEVER, if I were Dee Gordon I'd be jumping on that horse big time.  At this point I'd risk a 50-game suspension if I thought I'd have any chance of getting just one good contract because at this point I don't see any other chance coming his way.  Otherwise, he should be looking at high-school coaching opportunities.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on 2013 Dodgers in Review #8: SS Dee Gordon


Mike says:  "had exactly — exactly — the year you would have anticipated, and while there was value in that, it also means he didn’t give you any more than you’d think. So, C+ it is."

Certainly don't disagree, but couldn't the exact -exact - same thing be said of A-Gon and he got a B?  Teacher!  You're not grading fairly

11 months, 2 weeks ago on 2013 Dodgers in Review #6: 2B Mark Ellis


Really only thing we need to know:   How's his bat flips?

Seriously, I think this is good in that the options to back up Hanley besides playing 2B are pretty limited.

12 months ago on Alexander Guerrero Will Be Good, Unless He Won’t Be


Love Jansen.  Would also love, however, to hear some talk about wrapping up The Beard for a few seasons.  Owning the 8th AND 9th might make it so even Mattingly could manage the pen.

1 year ago on Reminder: Kenley Jansen Is Still Awesome


After reading this article it now makes more sense why the Dodgers wanted to keep Marmol and Volquez instead of two lefties.

1 year ago on The Key To A Dodger Miracle: Two Lefty Starters Lined Up


These are the same types of decisions Donnie has made the whole time he's managed the Dodgers.  That's why he should have been fired in the May when it was reasonable.  He's been bailed out time and again by the talent he has.  I couldn't understand then and I don't understand now why people couldn't look at his choices and see that this guy is not a good manager.  You shouldn't judge a manager by wins/losses any more than you should a pitcher.  Now he IS costing games and now it's too late to fire him.  Mattingly didn't become a better manager during the summer, his team played better.  Even if the talent is enough to win this thing I hope he's not brought back.

1 year ago on NLCS Game 1: Cardinals 3, Dodgers 2, That Was Awful


Van Slyke is the only guy who's not afraid to play next to Puig.

1 year ago on Wanted: A Center Fielder for the Playoffs


If the Dodgers end up playing into the next round and face one of the WC teams, do they automatically get home field or does it go to best record?

1 year ago on So You’re Facing the Braves in the Playoffs


The Great Todd Synder's "Statistician's Blues":

They say 3 percent of the people use 5 to 6 percent of their brain

97 percent use 3 percent and the rest goes down the drain

I'll never know which one I am but I'll bet you my last dime

99 percent think with 3 percent 100 percent of the time

65 percent of all the world's statistics are made up right there on the spot

82.4 percent of people believe 'em whether they're accurate statistics or not

I don't know what you believe but I do know there's no doubt

I need another double shot of something 90 proof

I got too much to think about 

They say 74 percent of everything you learned in college is a bunch of bullshit you'll never need

83.4 percent of everything you got you bought to satisfy your greed

Because 91 percent of the world's population links possessions to success

Even though 88 percent of the wealthiest 1 percent of the population

Drinks to an alarming excess

More money, more stress

74 percent of all statisticians truly hate their fuckin job

The average bank robber lives within say about 20 miles of the bank that he robs

There's this little bank not far from here I've been watching now for a while

Lately all I can think about's how bad I wanna go out in style

1 year, 1 month ago on Dodgers @ D’Backs Sept. 19, 2013: Clinch While No One Is Watching


I haven't been able to hear the name of the Dodgers starting pitcher from anyone who knows how to say his name. 




I've even heard Volk?

1 year, 1 month ago on Dodgers @ Rockies September 4, 2013: Why Not Drew Butera, Too?


@PagansOedipalComplex @DodgerDoodle You'd prefer Gordon?  Sellers gave away about as many games as he played.  I know Ryan is horrible, but not as horrible as those two guys

1 year, 2 months ago on The Hanley Ramirez Backup Plan


Get Brandon Ryan from the Mariners.  He offers zero offense but at least he'll shore up the defense.  The Mariners would probably just want to dump his salary.  He's only signed thru the end of the year.

1 year, 2 months ago on The Hanley Ramirez Backup Plan


Certainly agree about Ramirez being the focal point of the offense, but Puig has been the focal point of the attitude.  Swagger, aggressive, joy and the we're-gonna-win attitude that was 100% missing pre-Puig.  The Cuban Sluggar.

1 year, 2 months ago on Hanley Ramirez Is On Pace For an 11.3 WAR Season


Time for a poll to pick a nickname for Puig.

Mike, maybe you could gather suggestions for a while and then have some voting?

The Cuban Sluggar?  (you have to pronounce Sluggar to rhyme with Cigar)

There has to be some good ideas out there!

1 year, 2 months ago on Dodgers 6, Cubs 4: All of the Homers


@DKDodgersI found this quote from a July 5th interview.  Doesn't sound too bad: Everybody asks you this, but is it still I year to year thing on how long you want to continue doing this? You're going to 86 on Nov. 29.

Scully: Oh yes. I still enjoy it immensely. However, I don't want to stay too long. After the All Star Game, sometime during the first week of August, my wife and I will sit down and really see what we're doing. The one thing that really bothers me: there's a lot of fanfare about the job and the supposed glamour, but when you're married, you're leaving your wife alone a lot. Even with me not doing games outside of Arizona and California, that really bothers me. We're going to have to talk about it.

1 year, 3 months ago on Here’s Yasiel Puig Trying to Run to First Base Last Night


On another topic....I've hard that some national radio guy named Colin is saying that it's been announced that this is Vinny's last year.  Definitely.  No doubt about it.  I find this hard to believe since I'd guess that if this were true that there would be the same amount of attention that Mariano Rivera is getting.  Are there even any serious rumors to that affect?

1 year, 3 months ago on Here’s Yasiel Puig Trying to Run to First Base Last Night


The referenced article on Puig says, "But I'm guessing Gibson had a little more respect for his predecessors.".  Oh really?  Gibson sold all his Dodger memorabilia when he started working for the D'Backs.  Gibby understands competition.  Maybe he should kiss Kennedy's ass, too, while he's at it?

1 year, 3 months ago on Dodgers @ D’Backs July 10, 2013: The Road to .500


>> He’s rebounded, possibly thanks to a mechanical adjustment

I thought we were talking about Nolasco and in the middle we get this comment about League?  I'm confused

1 year, 3 months ago on So I Guess We’re Going to Have to Discuss Ricky Nolasco


"Baseball people" seem to now realize that W/L are not good stats to judge a pitcher on.  I think they're even less important when judging a manager.  I thought Mattingly was a lousy manager when many where touting him as MOY in Spring of 2012.  He made the same foolish moves then, but everything worked.  That doesn't make a good manager.  I feel the same way about Colletti.  He should be fired, too, but that's not going to turn the team around either.  You have to look at performance over W/L.  Not doing that is just looking for easy answers.  "Every tough question has an easy and wrong answer."  So, how well the team is doing in the short-term does not even hint at how well the management team is doing their jobs.

1 year, 5 months ago on If There’s One Good Reason to Fire Don Mattingly…


@Disgruntled Goat (didn't know about the DL) @DodgerDoodle it was a joke in case you missed the point

1 year, 5 months ago on Giants 4, Dodgers 3: Swept Right Out of Town


I know!

Let's hire Bobby Valentine.  It will blow up this year, but 2013 is rapidly fading anyway.  They'll end up in last place and get a good draft pick.  It will give all the players time to heal.  Then hire a more permanent manager next year (Mike Scioscia should be available by then) and the players will be so happy NOT to play for BV then they'll play great in 2014.  This idea worked the last time a team tried it.

I'm just throwing out ideas here.  And this idea is not nearly as stupid as thinking that Ted Lilly could fill a SP slot.  OK, maybe it's almost as stupid, but I'm just saying that stupid ideas are clearly not off the table.

1 year, 5 months ago on Giants 4, Dodgers 3: Swept Right Out of Town


@WBBsAs @DodgerDoodle @Mike Petriello Well, he didn't win, but that doesn't necessarily make him a bad manager.  I don't know...did he manage poorly or did he just lose?  Just losing doesn't always make you a bad manager. Torre and Stengel are both considered HOF managers and they only really won with the Yankees (Torre won with the Dodgers, but not HOF style winning).  Torre didn't have a winning season until he came to the Yankees.  

Even if Lopes isn't the answer, Mattingly isn't either.  Maybe the Dodgers should take the approach the Red Sox took..."Oh you won't win for this Manager (Francona) then maybe you like this choice better (Valentine)?  I didn't think so.  Now, quit complaining and win."  It seems to have worked, though I doubt if that was really their methodology.  It would be pretty funny if the Dodgers hired Valentine!  (Just kidding, Beckett).

 Bottom line is, just because there are other reasons, probably larger, that the Dodgers aren't winning doesn't mean that Mattingly is doing anything at all to help and is doing a lot to hurt.

1 year, 5 months ago on Giants 10, Dodgers 9: Yeah, That’s a Gut Punch


@Mike Petriello @DodgerDoodle I know you're not trying to be difficult and you have a good point.  But Melvin's been fired a few times and also won 2 MOY awards, so I don't think being fired is a good defense either.  And what are you basing and 'belief' in Mattingly?  How did he earn the job other than being a coat tail rider of Torre?  It was clear that Torre only agreed to come to LA if Mattingly was named his successor at the same time.  I would say that if you looked at the two of them (Lopes/Mattingly) as both applying for the job, Lopes would come out on top.

And while folks yelling "fire the manager" always has a good percentage of people who will yell that out of emotion after every loss, there *are* times when you have to re-evaluate the position.  Would any manager have been able to have a better record than Mattingly has with the Dodgers up to this point?  Probably not much better, considering what the Dodgers have gone through.  But I'd rather use the poor start as an excuse to fire him rather than an excuse to keep him.   

There's only so much a Manager can do and, I think, Matting is failing in:

1. Mental preparedness.  Getting the team mentally ready to play.  There's no emotion.  The team is listless.

2. Physical preparedness.  Do these guys stretch at all?  Mattingly is a 'players' manager'.  Does that translate into "do what you want to prepare just so you'll like me"?

3. In-game strategy:  You've mentioned many aspects of this part of his game

4. Pitching management:  Horrible.  Every move he makes isn't a mistake.  And after-the-fact second guessing is the easiest job in baseball.  Those facts don't change the fact that he is clueless in managing a staff.  It's by-the-book, ONLY.  Magill's first start was a good example.  It was like Mattingly was going to keep switching pitchers until he found one that could lose the game.  Clearly, that's not true, but his moves were unnecessary.

Would Lopes be guaranteed to turn things around?  Nope.  But, just because there are other excuses for being bad doesn't mean that the Manager gets a free pass to keep his job, either.

1 year, 5 months ago on Giants 10, Dodgers 9: Yeah, That’s a Gut Punch


Mike asks:  "who is obviously better and available":

First base coach Davey Lopes.

Have a poll.

1 year, 5 months ago on Giants 10, Dodgers 9: Yeah, That’s a Gut Punch


I'm not defending anyone, here and I would truly hate to see anymore blood.  These are just my observations of why I think some  people are calling for revenge:

1.  MBL handed down the same wimpy penalty on CQ as they did on another occasion where a Dodger was assaulted many years ago.  Both times the criminal would have spent a lot of time in jail for their offense if it was in 'public' and both times they got away with a measly 8 games from MLB.  No inflation.  But, funny, people look back on the last assault and can't believe what a light sentence was given.  This time...same result.  

2.  People in LA have a history of reacting violently to an unjust response from the 'justice' system.

3. CQ has not only failed to show any remorse, he's talking about "the next time we meet".  At least the last time this kind of assault happened Juan Marichal was contrite, not hinting at doing it again like CQ.

4. San Diego has nothing to lose and this incident could cost the Dodgers their whole season

5. A lot of pent up anger at Matt Kemp that they need to vent on somebody else

1 year, 6 months ago on Keeping the Focus Where it Belongs Tonight at Dodger Stadium