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I got my beautiful Nexus 4 a few days ago! My story's with an old Samsung Galaxy Nexus I had last year. I was getting off an underground train. The doors opened. I stepped out onto the platform and CRACK ! My phone had slipped out of my pocket straight down into the gap between the train and the platform !!! Dam how unlucky was that ! There was absolutely nothing I could've done to get it out apart from wait till the train had left. The doors closed and the train started moving. All these thought ran through my mind of how train was crushing it to 5million pieces. Very slowly I looked down to examine the damage ..... And WOW there lay the phone on its ballistics back case just sitting there on the tracks like nothing had happened !!! The wheels of the train must've missed it! What are the odds of that ! Thanks to the case it had not even a single scratch. Hopefully my Nexus will remain beautiful and scratch free !

2 years ago on Update: And It's Over! Giveaway: 10 Spigen Screen Protectors For The Nexus 4 And HTC One!