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I believe that when you study the problems long enough, you will eventually come to the same conclusion as myself.  I came to the conclusion years ago that these people are criminals and criminals cannot represent government.  We no longer have a government, but rather, organized crime pretending to be government.  These criminals are your enemies.

Am I anti-government?  Not at all.  I wish that I had a government to go to to get these criminals prosecuted.  It does not exist.  There is no redress of grievances against these criminals.  Quit worshiping them.  They are satanic and they will never admit to doing any wrong.

They are in fact waging war against you, your family, and indeed, the whole world.  You are in denial if you cannot see this truth.  They are waging an economic, as well as a spiritual war against you.

Just ask the simple question of why do they need your money, in the form of taxes, license fees, etc. when they have printing presses running 24/7?  If I had those presses I wouldn't need any body else's money.  Stop paying for your own destruction.

2 years ago on Let Me Say This Clearly