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Here's all the formula you need: BEL = Fast

3 years, 1 month ago on Geeking out on Lap Times – 2012 Cyclocross World Championships – Men’s Race


Good stuff Lee. I totally agree. I'm a young buck in my 40's and I don't think I'd want to line up against you. I've only been racing cx for three years but each year I age (and gain experience), I am 100% certain my current self would beat the previous (younger) versions of me racing. Heck, I'd even take me now in a race vs when I was 25. I also focused on diet this year - close to the 40/30/30 diet you mentioned and it's working. I'm dropping weight, have more energy, and hopefully that will make me faster. Hoping the best for you this season and at Worlds.

3 years, 7 months ago on Preparedness – A Column By Lee Waldman


Throw out all the variables (where your live, experience, race conditions) and boil it down to a simple yes or no - should you run - and the answer is emphatically yes. Combine with the bike ride or after a warm-up then mimic your race efforts. Sprints or repeats up hills/steps will do wonders for you in a race and perhaps give you an advantage to gap your competition at critical moments when your feet are on the ground instead of on the pedals.

3 years, 8 months ago on Prepping for the Season: To Run or Not to Run