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Costas is a typical LIBERAL ELITIST IDIOT  -- thinking that "my view" is the "view of America" thus I should portray "my view" as being the end-all-be-all way of everything.


Costas has NO POINT in this or any other argument -- Augusta National is a PRIVATE club - with the ability to admit, or not admit, anyone it sees fit -- it is not up to the MEDIA ELITE or any other "politically correct" faction of naysayers to decide what is or what isn't a good policy for the Members of Augusta National Golf Club.  


The fact that costas wants to berate a select group of people for their "supposed" negligent behavior in constructing their PRIVATE membership, reflects poorly on his ability to accurately and objectively understand the facts of a particular situation.  Once again, LIBERAL ELITISIM has taken hold and attempted to rough up the  airways with a severely one-sided argument that does nothing more than create angst and apathy toward a particular group - however the group upon which the apathy reflects in this case is the LIBERAL ELITIST IDIOTS.



2 years ago on Bob Costas rips CBS for its handling of Augusta's policies | April | 2013