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(Nexus 4) When I first got my Nexus One more than 2.5 years ago, I bought a Seidio case for it very quickly.  However, I didn't really like how bulky it made it so I changed it every now and then going from case to no-case (instead using the neoprene pouch that came with the phone).  One time in my work parking lot while getting out of the car, I decided to go put on my jacket since it had gotten cold than I had thought.  I forgot the phone was in my jacket pocket and in the process of flinging it on, the phone went out of pocket and flew across the parking lot, hit a car and slide underneath another one.  Thankfully I had the case on during this.  Since then, every time I considered taking the case off again due to its bulkiness, I would see the huge dent in the corner and the scratches all over the back and decide that its better to be safe.

2 years ago on Update: And It's Over! Giveaway: 10 Spigen Screen Protectors For The Nexus 4 And HTC One!