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I have a Nexus 4. When I first purchased it I was at a mall. I was far too excited to wait and sit down to play with it, so I went nuts on it while walking through the mall. As I approached the escalator going down a floor it slipped out of my hand and met my shoe in a perfect punting motion. If it had been any other scenario I would've been proud of the booting I gave it. All I could do is watch in pure horror as my brand new Nexus 4 took a sweet tumble down some escalator stairs and came to a stop only when it hit someone's feet. Oh man, the look I gave when I picked it up and realized it was unscathed. I imagine its the same look you give your baby when you realize you drove off with him/her on the roof of your car.

1 year, 11 months ago on Update: And It's Over! Giveaway: 10 Spigen Screen Protectors For The Nexus 4 And HTC One!