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Huh...I might be the only one to say this, but I don't have a problem with the interview.  For crying out loud, he answered every question with something other than coached-up platitudes and generalities.  I loved his answer about throwing up during a basketball game in high school.  That was a good, honest, complete answer.  That's what interviewers want, isn't it?  Well, you can't have it both ways.  Short but honest answers or frustrating generalities?  I'll take the short and honest answers, thanks.  These athletes are not beholden to the interviewer or responsible for making sure their answers help fill the segment.  Also, it needs to be pointed out that Evans was in the Shadow of Johnny Football for most (all) of his career and really didn't get many interviews.  So yeah, maybe the kid needs practice.

I think the Buccaneers have to be doing backflips over one of his answers, though.  The fact is, if I'm his teammate and I hear the one thing he remembers from the game of his career is that they lost, I'm more than ready to get on the field with this guy.

Besides, let's not forget this is Jim Freakin' Rome here.  Anyone who doesn't act like they're positively overjoyed to have the honor of being interviewed by Jim Freakin' Rome is fertilizer as far as he's concerned.

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Yeah, I think all you really need to know about ESPN's infatuation with Manziel is the dubstep/rap/whatever the hell it is remix of Manziel quotes they've been running on every other commercial break.  It's the same as what happens when I forget to change the channel at 0900 CST.  I can't find the remote fast enough.

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I can't agree with you more, and that's from a lifelong Cardinals fan.  It's smart baseball and team-building, but it's not unique to the Cardinals and never was.  And though it rankles me to have to admit a CUBS fan is right, McClellan is pretty spot-on with his criticism.  

I don't like his comments about the best fans in baseball.  Yes, that's an entirely subjective judgment, but Cardinals fans have always been smart, knowledgeable, fun, and most of the time (no, NOT ALWAYS) respectful of their fellow fans.  If we want to claim the Best Fans in Baseball title, well, we have to back it up.  But arguing about whether we are or not is like a sibling fight that devolves into "No you ain't!"  "Yes I am!"  It's a pointless endeavor.

I get the Peralta nonsense, I really do, but I still don't care.  I enjoy baseball, and his link to Biogenesis isn't going to lessen my enjoyment of the game.  

And the Carlos Martinez situation is overblown.  He's a young guy who happens to like naked women, and who probably didn't realize his favorites are visible to EVERYONE (hey, I'm much older than he is, and I didn't think about that when I started using Twitter either...).  He was talked to about it, got the situation resolved, and now we move on.  IT'S A NON-ISSUE, WAS FROM THE START, AND NEEDS TO BE DROPPED.

I think it's time for the Cardinal Way story line to be put to bed also.  It didn't win a World Series last year, and it got us whupped for the second time by the Red Sox.  Let's just give the organization credit for being well-run and call it good.

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Apparently NO ONE on the 2013 White Sox had The Will to Win.

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I read this whole interview in their voices.  I just creeped myself out.

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Reason 3720 why I don't watch First Take.

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"Well, I'll tell you what, you talk about getting a bit of your own medicine...Kronwall has made a living making big hits."

Nothing wrong with this.  It's straight-up analysis of the hit, and it came almost immediately after the hit was made by McLeod not after he was laying on the ice.  It wasn't malicious or mean-spirited in any way. 

1 year, 4 months ago on Colorado Avalanche announcer: Niklas Kronwall "got a taste of his own medicine"


True, but...he's Keith Hernandez.

1 year, 9 months ago on Keith Hernandez calls a broken bat a "dead solider" on Memorial Day


And Lochte is still a better, more accomplished individual than either one of those two.


Sometimes I think Lochte KNOWS he is being trolled and plays up his stereotype just to do it.  

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What I find most disappointing is I've always heard Costas bring a certain amount of levity to just about any conversation, but over the last three years or so he's really become rather curmudgeonly and dour.  It's really a shame that, after so many appearances on the Dan Patrick show, he has lost the underlying sense of humor that used to trademark their conversations.  His last appearance on Mike and Mike in the Morning was much the same way, even with Greeny fawning over Costas as he is wont to do.  


I don't begrudge Costas the chance to talk about these topics, nor do I think he needs to stop, but I do think it is somewhat sad that he's almost lost his sense of humor completely.

1 year, 10 months ago on Bob Costas rips CBS for its handling of Augusta's policies | April | 2013