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I have a nexus 4!, and I would have to say it was with nexus 4 because I was coming back from school and I was driving on my way back home... So I happen to think I wanna play some songs I have on the device and I was coming to a stop sign without anyone behind me, well as I start to stop a my phone slipped from my hands as picked it up and fell to the floor..where this is nothing but dirt and sand which info not have screen protector on here lol and it dropped and was rolling around! So I have to start driving because cars are coming and its rush hour! Luckily at a red light I managed to get my phone and it was unharmed I guess because the case raised the screen enough from hitting any dirt or sand on my floor lol

2 years ago on Update: And It's Over! Giveaway: 10 Spigen Screen Protectors For The Nexus 4 And HTC One!