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Any 6'11" 3/4/5 guy you can get straight up for Nando...well, that pretty much tells you all you need to know about the 6'11" guy. 

1 year, 2 months ago on Report: Spurs trade De Colo for Austin Daye


How will Daye impact SA? Hmmmm, this is the easiest way to look at it: We got a 6'11" 3/4/5 straight up for Nando.  Dayes former employers were willing to let him go for Nando. 

He'll be warming McGrady's spot unless somehow Pop gets him to buy into defense and stick to just the corner 3. 

1 year, 2 months ago on Spurscast #317: Austin Daye, Trade Deadline, and Patty 'Thrills'


3.1 mil v 650,000$. Gravy train with Miami or compete in San Antonio for playing time and try to rebuild their name/brand/reputation. Something tells me both wind up, somehow, in Miami. 

1 year, 2 months ago on Report: Spurs could sign Granger following buy out


I wish Scott Drew would take time from my alma mater, Baylor, to spend time with Pop. 

1 year, 2 months ago on Croatian coach headed to Spurs


I love his athleticism and upside. Man, it's very high. And, he's still young. Reminds me of a younger Ginobili at times from the clips I've seen.  Wish Ryan Richards was taking his development as seriously as Adam is. I think we'll see Adam over here when he's around 26-27 if he continues to progress, and obviously stay healthy. There is nothing about his athleticism or apparent basketball IQ or drive to succeed that should prevent him from getting over here and being solid. 

1 year, 2 months ago on Hanga still adjusting after returning from injury


Andy Kaufman was a genius. Gonzo comedy was epic. He crossed a line and no one knew if he was being serious or goofing on them. Even to the point when he died, people thought it was an elaborate Kauffman joke. He was a trip. Jim Carey did a good job capturing him in Man on the Moon. Check it out if you can.

Props to Bonner. Nice job. 

1 year, 3 months ago on Video: Bonner does his best Andy Kaufman impersonation


I think Boris stays. He played excellent ball in the playoffs and Finals. The Moment wasn't too big for him. I don't see Pop giving up that kind of unflappable guy-and he ramped up defensively and on the boards. Even knocked down 3's. All the things Bonner should do as a stretch 4 and a 4/5 coming off the bench should do in the playoffs and Finals-Boris did. You don't ship that guy off. 

Now sending off Bonner and his expiring contract with Danny Green and CoJo for perhaps a solid 3 or 3-4 and a draft pick? I'd like that. Get a solid vet who can hit the corner 3, play solid D, back up Kawhi and give the Spurs even more flexibility when  they play small ball? That would be really nice. 

Or, another 4/5 Pop could utilize in the playoffs would be nice. Barring injury, you know he'll roll with TD, Tiago and Boris. Even if Jeff and Aron played in every game the rest of the regular season, not sure Pop plays either of them much past the first round. I think that's another need-being truly 4 deep at the 4/5 so TD isn't worn down.

I like Ayres and I also like Baynes-both just need PT though and have to really stand out if Pop is going to use them in the playoffs. Both have predictably been good at times, average others, so so in other games. Pop showed 2 years ago he was losing his trust in Bonner deep in the playoffs and last year, no confidence. I think he's given up the hope regular season Bonner will ever show up in the playoffs. As such-his only real role now is 'give other 4/5's rest during long, boring regular season, guy.'

Those two needs-addressing either would be great. Danny is, in my opinion, a perfect piece to dangle. He can get hot. With Marco here, we don't need him any more.  Danny failed to show up this season before injury anyway. 

Selling points: Veteran leadership and great locker room guy and expiring contract (Bonner), younger vet with Finals experience who plays solid D and can get hot (Green), Young pg groomed by the Spurs (CoJo). I think you can get something solid and a pick for that. 

I wanted to send Nando off but rumors from Hoops Hype are that he is the #1 choice for some team in Turkey and I can see Nando returning to play in Europe. If rumor is true, no team is going to want to trade for him if they think he's headed back overseas. 

I just think this is the year the Spurs pull the trigger on a decent trade before the deadline, not that they DON'T try to make trades to improve each year, just seems more to offer this year. A lot of things seem to point toward that-both guys to offer and needs. 

1 year, 3 months ago on Key Injuries to Spurs May Actually Be A Benefit


Want more Baynes. 

1 year, 4 months ago on Analyzing the Win: Spurs 116, Mavericks 107


Isaac and John: Well said. I don't want Joseph taking away anyone's minutes. I want to see him in another uniform and preferably get a pick in exchange for him. 

It's been interesting to watch the rotations this year. Bonner has for the most part assumed the place he deserves-at the end of the bench, getting some DNP, Coach's Decision. His contract is expiring. I like that Pop is giving Baynes minutes to develop him. Baynes alone, out of all our bigs, is a true banger. I think if Pop keeps feeding him minutes that he can be an excellent 1-2 punch with Tiago at the 5.

What does this have to do w Joseph, De Colo, etc...? 

Mills has been nothing short of all you'd want him to be- and with Marco and Manu playing alongside Mills, Joseph is absolutely unnecessary. Bonner is, imho, is also unnecessary because Boris can hit that 3 under pressure, and we know Bonner won't when the pressure is on. I'd like to see CJ and Bonner (with his expiring contract) traded by the trade deadline for picks and an older vet who can provide depth at either the 1, 3 or 4. 

De Colo, again, imho, has all the skills necessary to succeed in the NBA. I think his problems in the NBA are largely between his ears and the guy just needs more confidence. Being another 6'5" combo guy is a unique thing. I'd like to see him stick around and get the minutes Joseph gets. Pop would have to be patient with him and he'd have to make sure he's in the back-court with either Manu or Marco, but I'm not ready to give up on Nando yet because I think he has tremendous upside. Maybe the guy can get out of the funk, maybe not. If he does, he adds great depth and another wrinkle. Nando has some sizzle in his game (passing, specifically). He can keep the ball moving. about shipping CJ and Bonner off, increase the investment in the future by developing Baynes and Jeff, and then giving Nando some minutes here and there.....

1 year, 4 months ago on Video: De Colo dominates in Toros game


Good potential. Not the kind of thing you'd hang on to for significant minutes in the post-season this year. That said, I think Bonner and his expiring contract along with Joseph and possibly De Colo will all be playing elsewhere before the trade deadline for a player and pick, so maybe he gets a shot. Matty isn't going to be knocking down 3's in crunch time. That's for sure. 

1 year, 4 months ago on Newest signing Thomas could redefine stretch four position for Spurs



1 year, 4 months ago on Video: Adam Hanga highlights vs. Valencia... wow!


My man can play. As stated in other article-just needs a chance. Been saying that since summer

1 year, 4 months ago on Video: Baynes' impressive highlights vs. Raptors


@BarbaraOlsen I couldn't of said it better.

1 year, 4 months ago on Popovich on Kawhi's struggles: 'It's not a big deal'


I love basketball fights. Worst fighters of the 3 major sports, which is odd because they are all so big. To their credit though, soccer player fights make B-Ball player fights look like UFC events. Not soccer hooligan guy though. Soccer hooligan guy crushes NBA player. Slow news month

1 year, 4 months ago on Video: Ex-Spur Pops Mensah-Bonsu suspended after huge brawl in Euroleague game


Didn't Kaman say something similar last year? About the beauty of watching the Spurs play? 

Would love to see Gortat in a Spurs uni. Always liked the guy's game

1 year, 5 months ago on Marcin Gortat thinks the Spurs are Mozart


@ryankxlu Well said-thanks for the good words

1 year, 5 months ago on Popovich: Military Vets Not Properly Honored


CaptainLate I assume you're not the real James Silas but if you are, loved your game but a ridiculous take. 

1) Because Manu was able to rest and focus on conditioning and getting physically healthy for the first time since who knows when, because the Spurs signed Marco who will take some pressure off Manu and also allow Pop to rest Manu more, and because Manu is the quintessential competitor and has had all off season to stew over the Finals loss, he's going to have a nice, productive year. 

2) I don't see any Spurs fans who have been following the Spurs for any length of time, except a few bitter folks who still blame the entire Heat series loss on Manu (conveniently forgetting the other factors that contributed significantly to that loss), wanting to see anything but the best for and from Manu. The guy continually took lesser pay in his prime for the betterment of the team, and he continually sacrificed minutes for the betterment of the team and continually did whatever Pop asked him for the betterment of the team. We won't see his like again here in SA. He should be getting nothing but love, respect and best wishes from fans.

3) Who knows what he will do, and Duncan for that matter with a couple of cryptic things he's said about playing through his full contract. He's definitely going to the HOF, but I just don't see him retiring. I think he walks away when he knows he's left it all on the floor and his body absolutely refuses to do what his brain tells it to do. 

Injuries for ANY of our guys are unpredictable. I don't believe this is past patterns being indicative of future events with Manu. He's rested. He's well. He has more help. Less will be expected of him. Who saw Timmy having a chest contusion? Sports are like that. I think a lot of Manu's injuries in the past were related to him playing year round combined with his style of play. He ran himself into the ground.

We'll just pray for our guys to stay healthy. If they are, I think we're back in the Finals for Redemption time. 

1 year, 5 months ago on Five takeaways from Spurs opener


I think we'll see a lot of different combinations of players on the floor with the second unit the first quarter-half of the season. 

I thought Pop would play Baynes earlier because he could bang with Gasol. That was a surprise. Still, I think Pop is going to tinker with things which allows him to both rest guys and possibly showcase guys he may want to move. 

Mills, imho, showed exactly why he is needed more than Joseph. Joseph on his very best day couldn't do what Mills did and can do-fill it up at a ridiculous pace. Both require either Marco or Manu to be on the floor with them since they don't move the ball as well as a true point guard would (hence the need for a vet backup pg), but Mills has a skill set that is just priceless on the offensive end. 

I'd like to see, in small stretches, against teams like Golden State for example, Parker and Mills in the back court, with either Marco or Manu at the 3 and Kawhi at the 4. I also think that kind of lineup could be effective against Houston, forcing them to go smaller because that is one line up that can push the ball at a ridiculous pace, move the ball well, and fill it up. 

Can't do that with Joseph.

1 year, 5 months ago on Five takeaways from Spurs opener


Miss George but wouldn't trade (no pun intended) what we have, are seeing and will see with Kawhi Leonard for anything. 

Unless for some suicidal reason Indiana would like to send George back to us for Bonner, Nando and Joseph. Oh, and throw in Mahinmi. Sure the $ numbers totally don't work. The key there is suicidal on Indiana's part and, well, I guess Ian and George would have to be really dumb and restructure their contracts to take millions less to play for us. 

I'm sure that will work out.  

1 year, 5 months ago on Ginobili 'really angry' when Spurs traded for Kawhi Leonard


Kawhi is a no brainer. I don't think exercising the option on Joseph means the Spurs are committing to him over the long-haul. 

Kawhi is definitely integral to the future of the Spurs post TD. But who is the 2nd person of The Big Three version 2.0? I don't see him on this roster unless you're talking about Parker. Joseph and 'Big 3' version 2.0? Ummmmm, no. 

I'm completely lost on what to say about the paragraph beginning "With Joseph, the team has...."-are you talking about Nando or Mills in addition to Joseph or still talking about Kawhi?" And I don't think Pop is sending guys to the bench to 'reflect,' -that's where they sit because he doesn't trust them. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Spurs Exercise Options on Cory Joseph and Kawhi Leonard


Good job Kevin. I think Pop is going to do all he can to make sure TD, Manu, TP, Kawhi AND Boris are all fresh as possible for the playoffs. I think TD and Manu's minutes get monitored the most, but with Parker and Boris both having a lot of mileage on their legs as well, especially after the summer, I think Pop is going to regulate their minutes a bit more. 

I think Kawhi plays 36-38 on a typical night, but there will be some games, due to his tendency to tweak his knees, Pop sits him after 18-20. With Marco on board he can do that. 

I think Baynes quietly proved himself in the pre-season. He averaged just about 51% from the field, played physical and rebounded well for minutes he was given. There ARE some teams with muscle that Pop will need him. He's the only guy we have with that kind of size and physicality. I also think if my theory on more rest is true, then Ayres and Baynes should get plenty of good looks. 

Bonner is (and always has been) the conundrum to me. He can deliver in the regular season when he's on a hot streak. He is a proven non-factor in the playoffs as a scorer and is a defensive liability. At what point in the TD era-especially as it closes- do you (if you're Pop) keep giving minutes to a guy you KNOW you aren't going to use in the playoffs? It would make more sense to me to give Baynes and Ayres every opportunity to develop. Perhaps one of them if not both can be used in the playoffs. Then again, they are both young, so there is value in adding a veteran big (gee, a guy like Mahinmi or even Epke Udoh-that kind of skill set, would be nice to add to the mix in the worse case scenario-TD goes down for a stretch). 

I just think our guys are watching the waiver wires and are on the phones getting a feel for what they can and cannot do. Teams get more desperate closer to the trade deadline. As long as our guys are healthy they can afford to hold out for a better deal.

As for CoJo and Mills-this is my line of thinking now: I agree with you about Mills being more worthy. I still think the Spurs will be scouring the waiver wires and/or considering trades to get a vet pg to back up Tony. That said, between CoJo and Mills, Mills gives the Spurs something Joseph can't-the guy can heat up and score in volumes. 

There could be times, when playing small ball, that it would be advantageous in short stretches to run TP and Mills in the back court together with either Manu or Marco at the 3 and Kawhi at the 4. That would be one seriously quick team with guys that can push the ball at the 1-4 position.  Would be helpful in stretches against teams like Golden State or to counter 'Big Ball' in small doses against teams like Houston-it's how Miami forced us to play small ball. 

Personally, I would like to send CoJo, Nando and Bonner (hey, veteran big guys with expiring contracts are attractive to a lot of teams) elsewhere so we can address one of our needs and maybe get a pick. 

MarkCuban has great points. I would like to see Pop roll deep with his rotation through the playoffs. He can only do that though if 1) He does it all season, and 2) The guys earn his trust. I think we've got all kinds of potential matchup problems we can create with this roster. Would be nice to Pop exploit those in the playoffs

1 year, 6 months ago on Predicting the Spurs player rotation


Another reason Pop loves guys who come out of the Euro leagues: In general, much less selfish and, per Pop's own statements, harder workers. I'd like to see Tiago bump those numbers up to 12 and 8 this year. That would be helpful to Timmy and rebounding is one of our weaknesses.

1 year, 6 months ago on Splitter: Popovich didn't want me to be a scorer


So you're saying Tony is just as big a nerd as Duncan is. Better our guys roll with the people at Comic Conventions than live the Thug Life. There is that. 

I'd have been more impressed if TP had managed to land a walk on role in Breaking Bad before Walt checked out. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Photo: Parker joins 'The Walking Dead' crew


Yup. And Tony hit the nail on the head. 

Now our only fear is that by omitting Dallas from his list, DeJuan Blair will absolutely destroy us even worse than Marky Mark Cuban predicted. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker gives his West teams to watch


Take away: Parker is mentally tough. If only De Colo would respond to Pop's berating with such an attitude. 

I think Blair self-medicated his Pop pain at WhataBurger. 

Capt. Jack with who knows what. 

To Tiago's credit, he's just kept working and kept a positive attitude. 

Looks like Kawhi is the kind of guy who says, "Thank you sir, may I have another-as long as it makes me great." 

1 year, 6 months ago on Video: Coach Pop made Tony Parker cry


Yep. I think we have the edge at the 1, 3 and 4; in depth and versatility. A lot depends on Dwight's head, how he meshes with Harden and Asik and the team chemistry they had last year.  It's teams like Houston who have that size where Baynes' development is huge. 

Always liked Casspi. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Rockets’ Casspi happy for Spurs’ assistant Udoka, discuses past & present


@DifferentVSTheSame @SCOLFIELD1421 Marco is a 2 who also plays the 3 and 1 at times.

1 year, 6 months ago on 10 years later, Spurs finally get Josh Howard


Nice. Good gesture too. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Video: Spurs camo jersey revealed


@MarkCubanisaDouche I agree 100% on the Joseph and backup point situation. I would be fine with either of these guys if Tim, Manu and Parker were all 6-7 years younger. The window for TD is closing and he deserves much better.  He deserves a vet in the eventuality of a Parker injury. Doesn't have to be an All-World vet. Someone along the lines of the way Avery was when he was here would be great. Just a guy who can drive the bus, keep the ball moving and offense flowing if TP goes down for a stretch. Joseph and Mills are just not there yet. Nando certainly isn't because he has lost his confidence as you said.

I think Howard is a great low risk guy who, if he gets right, could come in at just the right time to infuse some solid play and relieve Kawhi so he is fresh for the playoffs. I think Howard is one of those guys that is shaped by the culture he plays in and plays up to or down to what is expected. He could be a huge pickup if all the 'if's' play out well. If harm. I do find it interesting the Spurs chose him and waived guys who were healthy, younger, or had just as much experience and were healthy, in training camp. They must see something/know something we don't. 

I think the pg situation gets addressed. We are log-jammed with guys who would be perfect for a rebuilding team or a team that is a borderline team to make the playoffs but doesn't have the luxury we have-way too many guys who can play the 1. I think the Spurs will pull the trigger but they are probably watching that waiver wire for another need (vet big man who can play d and grab some boards). If they can get the vet pg off the waiver wire, maybe some salary cap casualty, or the vet big as a cap casualty, they can put together a nice package to meet the other need. We're in a position of strength I think to put something together. 

But I am 100% with you on that pg situation. You don't give a Ferrari to a kid who has only been driving a couple of years. 

1 year, 6 months ago on 10 years later, Spurs finally get Josh Howard


I know I'm a big fan of Baynes and his potential-but throughout the preseason, he's done a couple of things consistently night in and night out with whatever minutes he's been given: Shoot around 50% and grab boards and use his size and strength to make opposing bigs work for their shot. 

I like that. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Despite strong effort from Baynes, Rockets rout Spurs in final preseason game


If Howard gets healthy and right, and fits in with the Spurs, this could be a HUGE deal for the playoff run. My biggest concern has been our backup point guard situation-both CoJo and Mills need Manu or Marco in the back court with them for the ball to move well in the offensive sets. 

One of my concerns was the health of Manu down the stretch. Immediately that thins out what Marco can do and places a greater burden on him (backup 2 and 3 and keep offense rolling).

Howard could be a tremendous asset if he gets right, down the stretch and give Pop a lot of options on the perimeter, and Kawhi the rest he needs down the stretch to be as healthy as possible for playoffs. 

If he Howard gets really healthy, the Spurs could play some very interesting stretches of small ball. There could also be an interesting unit Pop could use (again, if Howard gets healthy) in stretches: Manu/or Marco, Mills (just because he poses tremendous threat to light it up at any moment, Howard, Kawhi and TD. 

All in all, a good, low risk, potentially high reward pickup. 

Now about the backup point guard situation.....

1 year, 6 months ago on 10 years later, Spurs finally get Josh Howard


Well said. From what I saw of Kawhi he looks so comfortable out there and I just think the sky is the limit for him. It's going to be really important that the Spurs do something (besides a nice raise)-namely running more of the offense through him and guaranteeing they will do all they can to give him the right pieces around him in the future, to keep that kid here. 

Kawhi Leonard needs to stay a Spur. For life. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Magic’s Vaughn and Afflalo impressed with Leonard’s growth


Good job, Kevin. I don't think we have all these point guards for any other reason than Pop deciding to see who would clearly emerge over time and then moving pieces around. 

I do think there will be, as there usually are, some solid vets released who will be salary cap casualties that the Spurs will try to lure by dangling the very real possibility of getting a ring. 

And, as ryankxlu said, always option of trade with our pg situation. 

I see 3 needs:

1) A real vet point guard to back up Tony. We have 2 undersized shooting guards at the backup and one combo guard. CoJo can defend, but doesn't move the ball well and is not a reliable scorer-makes some bad decisions. Mills can be a great scorer, but doesn't distribute well either and is not as good a defender as CoJo. Nando is a combo guy who just doesn't fit with this team. That means if TP goes down, immediately Marco and Manu have to be on the floor-a LOT- to keep the offense running. Backup pg is priority imho.

2) Kawhi needs a backup. I know the Spurs will use Marco and Manu at times and they are great change of pace guys, but it would be ideal if there was a 3/4 guy, a guy who was just a good defender who could come off the bench and give the Spurs solid D and some rebounding from that position.

3) We need one more experienced big.  Doesn't have to be a scorer. Just a guy who can bang and grab some boards. I think Ayres and in time Baynes are going to be very solid. If TD or Tiago were to go down though, the Spurs really don't have that reliable guy to grab boards night in, night out. Need insurance there. 

I would think the Spurs are watching the waiver wire closely to see if they can get one of these 3 needs-and the guy would have to be a good fit. I think at that point they start seriously exploring trade scenarios to see what they can get to fill at least one of the other needs. 

That's my theory at least

1 year, 6 months ago on Exploring the Spurs' salary situation


@ryankxlu Exactly. I think that gives them a lot of options. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Exploring the Spurs' salary situation


@Spursfan66 @gymbear We had so much fun. Man, would love to have those kind of sits on a regular basis! And forgot-other huge differences: Spurs conditioning was just ridiculously better than Magic's-and communication was incredible on Spurs part on offense and defense. Magic's not good at all. Big difference between vet team with chemistry communicating and young team trying to learn each other. Our boys are lean and mean man. Lookin good. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Minus Parker, Spurs’ offense explodes in preseason win over Magic


I was there last night and had the rare privilege of court-side seats (given by a friend). First time court-side at the ATT Center. Normally when we get to go I'm in the stratosphere section. So many things I took away from last night. Here are a few that won't be reported on that I enjoyed observing and won't be able to observe once I am back up in the nosebleed section. Yes it's long, just reporting what I saw (and again, the stuff you won't read elsewhere):

* It's very obvious our guys really like each other as teammates and everyone is fitting in well, for the most part. We got there early and my daughter and I had a blast watching the interaction between players. There was a lot of cutting up and laughing going on, which is good. Only guy who didn't really seem to goof around with other players: Nando. To a lesser extent, Bonner, Joseph and Mills-but the other guys, there was some goofy stuff going on. TD, Tiago, Boris Baynes and Ayres seem to be pretty tight and enjoy each other. Lots of cutting up with those bigs. Marco was interacting with guys like he's been here his whole life. That was interesting. He seems very comfortable here. My favorite moment: About 2 minutes before the formal introductions, Timothy Duncan on the sidelines being a dork with some boxing and then kung fu moves on Tiago. Second favorite moment, saw Kawhi smile big a couple of times in warm ups-but that cat is mostly all business. And man, his game just reflects the hard work he's put in.

* Jeff Ayres has the best mean looking stare down we've had since Willis or Mario Elie. It was interesting to watch him on D. He was communicating continually to other Spurs on the floor and really it was more of a barking out kind of thing. He's got a nasty streak in him. His rebounding numbers didn't reflect it, but he was very physical and altered shots and played well. Got to the line a lot. Good free throw shooter. I'm voting him, 'Spur most likely to get ejected at some point for standing up for one of his teammates." On D he looked like a tall, leaner Ray Lewis patrolling the middle. I really like his scowl.  We need nasty. I thought, "At some point it would make perfect sense if he just tackled someone coming across the lane because he looks like he might enjoy that." Second favorite Ayres moment: Saw him coming out of the tunnel before 2nd half holding and kissing a baby. Assume it's his. He's a smart guy, carries himself well, has a high B-Ball IQ and has a high motor. I like this guy.

* I preferred Mills over Joseph on the floor. Both need a combo guy (Marco or Manu) in back court with them. Joseph's passes, the kind of passes a pg needs to make in traffic to an open man or a cutter, are iffy. He lacks touch. Three times that I remember, I saw him try to make the right pass to the open man (Kawhi, Tiago Ayres) and all three times he was fairly close to his target and zipped the pass at 900 mph either a bit high or a bit low-all that was needed was a soft touch. He rushed it. Once he threw the ball to no one in particular. Another time he led TD way too much and even though TD stretched out as much as he could, bounced off his finger tips. Those are touch passes TP and Manu make in their sleep. Marco displayed that ability quite well too.

* Neither CJ nor PM is a pure point. Defensively the edge went to Joseph, offensively, no contest-Mills. PM is not a great passer either. Defensively he did better than I thought he would mostly because he was going 100 mph and being a pest on D. Still, he got beat a few times because he overplayed his man, took unnecessary risks. 

* That 'clunk' sound you hear is the sound of the drop off from TP to CoJo or Mills. If he goes down for a stretch, Marco and Manu will have to carry the weight of being distributors on offense and making sure the offense flows. We don't have a true backup pg. 

*Marco really impressed me. Very calm. Nice stroke, very nice passer, and I was surprised that he played D as well as he did. He did have trouble at times fighting through screens, but the guy's length and hustle really is a big improvement over Gary Neal-and he has a better handle and is a better passer than Neal. 

*Was surprised to see Danny creating his own shot and going to the hole (and finishing) a few times. He looks less wooden and one dimensional. Then again-this was Orlando and they are really, really bad. I did like what I saw of him though in those areas. If he can do that on a consistent basis then he's going to be a much better and more reliable asset this year. If he can make opponents respect his drive or mid-range pull up, then that makes it easier on him and those on the floor he's playing with. 

* Baynes has a soft shooting touch and the guy is very physical and a lot quicker than I thought. I like his size,energy and physicality. We need that combination. Hopefully with Pop resting TD and probably Boris some this year too, he will get more playing time-that's all the kid needs. There will be times we need a guy with his size to bang with the bigger bigs in the league.

*Nando ....what can you say. He's off the ball, he runs point from time to times. He is what he is. He needs to be on a team where he can get a lot of minutes. He is a rhythm player. His body language is really bad. My 17 year old daughter loves the Spurs, never played b-ball but watched her brother play at a very high level for years. She said, 'Nando looks like he's both depressed and confused out there. What's his deal?'' I thought that was an interesting observation from her. He looks like a guy resigned to the fact he's the odd man out. 

* There are some real nice folks in those court-side seats and also some serious tools. We had our row to ourselves basically until the end of the 1st quarter, beginning of the 2nd quarter-then the 'beautiful people' showed up. I guess time -travel has been invented because there was a group of 80's prepster guys in their late 20's who showed up (leaving half-way through the 3rd quarter of course) who mostly spent time trying to impress their eye candy girl-friends. I'm thinking these were all 'daddy's seats' the guys were using. We also enjoyed the 3 High School girls behind us who spent the whole game next to mom and dad with their ear buds on, listening to music and texting.   I yelled at the ref at one point because Kawhi got mugged on a no call. Pop did as well and said words I can't type here. A few transitions later Tiago got fouled on a no-call, so I barked at the ref again (Pop did too). The tool in front of me leaned over to his wife and said, 'Someone's first time court-side.'  He and his wife rarely raised their voices or got loud.  Mostly he leaned back and clapped politely and turned around to talk to his friend behind him. I gave him a certain look at one point and he never made eye contact again. Again-some very nice people, great employees, but definitely plenty of tools (at least in our section) near that floor.

* Pop was in mid-season grumpy form which was great. Only time we saw him break character was out of the blue, during a time out, he looked over our way (DRob was 2 rows in front of us, just to the left) and broke out in a goofy grin and waved at him, which was hilarious. He then turned back to the team and was in grump mode. I love Pop.

I still think the Spurs need to make a couple of roster moves, but overall, this team looks very nice and is going to put up a ton of points on people if everyone stays healthy. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Minus Parker, Spurs’ offense explodes in preseason win over Magic


So basically an athlete few care about doesn't like us and likes Kobe? 


I do like the fact he plays for the Cowboys and said "I don't like the Mavericks." 

Hopefully he and Cuban can start going after each other. That would be entertaining. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Dallas Cowboys' Beasley not a fan of the Spurs


Why not. Of course, call me crazy, but it would have been easier to answer the question if there were actual pictures.

1 year, 6 months ago on Spurs set to wear sleeved camo jerseys


I think the most important thing at this time is to find one more guy who can play the 1/2. We need 102 guys who can do that. 101 is not enough. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Report: Spurs waive Fells, Nwaelele


You do realize now that you nailed it with these great observations you have set the bar ridiculously high for yourself-we now expect this kind of fun reporting after every game. :)

Good job !

1 year, 6 months ago on Preseason Running Diary: Spurs fall to LeBron-less Heat


I sure hate the Heat but I don't celebrate some guy being injured. Oden's been a tragic story. I am glad we dodged the bullet on that. Hope the kid finds a life outside of B-Ball. 

I don't see the value in playing the Big 3 a lot for reasons mentioned-saving their energy. I do want to see our reserves get a lot of PT. 

I also want to see Flo Rida get kicked out of this pre-season game. 

1 year, 6 months ago on 5 things to watch: Spurs vs. Heat


Bosh you tool (and I know you read this Blog): You just joined DeJuan Blair on 'The List." It's "The List" of guys I hope to see on their backside whenever the Spurs play you. 

If only you would say something like, "I think I am one of the best power forwards of this decade," then I could put you on my PPV list. 

I'm all about the lists.

1 year, 6 months ago on Chris Bosh cannot imagine Spurs' agony of losing in Finals


Yup. We blew it. Clenched up like a fist. This year...barring an injury to Duncan or Parker....redemption. #CountIt

1 year, 6 months ago on Charles Barkley says Spurs 'blew it' in Finals


@mdeleon @gymbear I like Baynes a lot. I liked him the first appearance he made last year. The guy does have athleticism. He won a dunk contest (who knew) and at times last year he showed some hops. 

I like the way he played against D Howard. 

This pre-season he has been consistent. 

Can't coach that kind of size/strength and nasty attitude. That attitude (he said himself last year when he first came here he 'likes to mix things up with guys, play physical') -and we'll need that. He's the only big we have with that kind of size. Ayers comes in a close second, but the rest of our bigs are basically finesse guys. 

I'd really like to see Boris play more of the stretch 4, get rid of Bonner and let Boris, Ayers and Baynes be our big guys off the bench. 

It's already a fact Bonner won't be deliver in the playoffs. Why keep the guy around if the goal is a ring? Bonner is an apparent wonderful and nice guy, but at this point in the TD Era, why waste a roster space on a guy who can't deliver in the playoffs? 

I'm doing my best to vote CoJo, Bonner and De Colo off the Island in exchange for someone who can actually help us and watching the waiver wires as well. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Baynes' late floater gives Spurs narrow win over Budenholzer, Hawks


@jojo707 @gymbear I would LOVE a late first round pick for Nando. Deeper draft next year with some intriguing guys. Heck, I'd take a 2nd round pick and a gym bag for Nando. I'd take the rights to some other Euro still playing in Europe for Nando. 

Basically I'd take just about anyone not named Nando De Colo for Nando De Colo. 

I still think the guy has potential to be a steady player, but he needs 20 plus minutes a night and that ain't happening here. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Baynes' late floater gives Spurs narrow win over Budenholzer, Hawks


I think some of you are in the running to be on the panel of my Dwight Howard, Vlade Divac, DeJuan Blair, GM who Wants to Play Jordan 1 on 1 Guy....PPV Event. Seriously? All of our IQ's dropped 30 points reading your posts. You know who you are.....I think MYSA (Under Spurs Nation) would really appreciate your much needed insights and thoughts. Check them out. Post your thoughts! Please

1 year, 6 months ago on Tony Parker: Popovich showed team Game 6 again


For those who don't get it, you probably aren't an athlete.  Combine being banged up with the body not being able to do what the brain tells it to do and you have a frustrated person, the kind of frustrated person who will over-reach to try to deliver at all cost when it matters most but can't, because of said injuries. 

Glad Marco is here. He should help keep Manu fresh during the regular season. I, for one, appreciate Manu's humility and candor. He's never been an 'excuses' guy-always the exact opposite. He's an older vet now and can see that time coming soon when he hangs it up and he's more reflective. 

I believe as long as he stays healthy this year he's going to prove a lot of naysayers (many on this site) wrong and have a solid, productive season (and post-season). Manu has been huge for this city. I wish every player we have had through the years played with his team first attitude and passion for the game night in and night out. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Video: Ginobili admits he wasn't enjoying basketball last season due to injuries


@KrisPittman AMEN! Well said

1 year, 6 months ago on Ginobili wanted to know the Spurs wanted him


@Mike ProjectSpurs Yeah. You have to feel bad for the kid because he evidently went through severe depression and battled alcoholism when he thought his career was over, and this is a really bad sign for him personally. I never wish physical harm on any athlete. B-Ball is probably all he knows. 

And yes, Spurs did dodge a bullet. 

And their willingness to go after such a risk because they need/still want a big man who can do what Oden did in college (rebound, block shots), still leads me to believe they will going to go after some vet guy who does just that. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Greg Oden Suffers Setback in Heat practice


Pop trying to showcase Nando so he can trade him-that's really only reason to play him. I think at this point, Pop's best strategy is to sit Nando and try moving him. How can a guy who looked at times last season like the real deal go downhill so fast? From the moment he lost his backup job it seems from that point through summer ball through the present he's regressed. Note to Nando: Get out of your funk so we can trade you.

On the other hand, Baynes is quietly giving steady, consistent play-and this is the second game he's delivered in the clutch. Pre-season, I know. Nonetheless, that's a confidence builder for the kid. 

1 year, 6 months ago on Baynes' late floater gives Spurs narrow win over Budenholzer, Hawks