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Good article.

Still, I would argue that your statement that Sony needs to do more than just sell a more graphically powerful engine is exactly what they did at the press conferance. 

Nearly everyone coming out of it are most excited by the share button potential (making gaming a new form of social media), the ease and support to third party developers, and the support for multiple types of play.

This multiple types of play isn't discussed much, but it's worth noting that PS4 will support dualshock (4) with a touchpad, the PS move, and tablet/PS vita extra screen accessories. While it seems like that could mean a lack of focus, I love that they are continuing to stand by their products. 

I think they've learned a lot from PS3 and Vita. They aren't just looking to release the most powerful machine on the market at the time. They are coupling it with developer and gamer feedback. That marketing move alone is why I am personally excited about the PS4. 

2 years ago on Should We Be Excited For The PS4?


These are great examples of good AI partners. I was wondering if you would look at some (arguably) less successful examples. 

For example people are split on Ico and Yorda from the PS2 days. She was an interesting character but very  annoying to babysit. Still that relationship was the prime gameplay of the entire game.

An example that is total opposite of this can be found in Beyond Good & Evil where our protagonist is a female. This character is strong, intelligent, and the fighter of the group supported by two AI characters occasionally. I really liked the dynamics that these AI partners brought to the gameplay with puzzles and combat.

2 years ago on It Takes Two: The Important Roles of AI Partners