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@Otis Byrd III You guys are right about Bucher's rolodex.  But I think they would get the ESPN guests anyway since they are affiliated with ESPN.  Which means I have to turn off my radio when Millen makes his appearance--the worst.

Kate Scott is so overrated--I don't get it.  seems nice enough but god that makes for boring radio.

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Damon Bruce on Gary Radnich: “He’s the Solange to my Beyoncé”


And Star Lotuteli was right there to be drafted last year---huge missed opportunity.  I know CB is one of the four keystone positions but Hayden could have been had early in the second round.

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Raiders roster preview: Team builds from inside-out with strong DT unit


Raider's ought to use a 3-4 base because they are stacked at LB as the article says.  Mack/Woodley at LB rushing the passer from either side takes a little pressure off the DL and they can rotate more plus Smith is more of a DE than a DT.  If its me I have Smith and Tuck at DEs then rotate at NT, plus you can use Sims at DE too.  Mix in 4-3 and keep the offensive off balance.  But I'd really want to get as many LBs on the field as I can.

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Raiders roster preview: Defensive end a huge question mark


@Otis Byrd III @paperback writer DB does need to let it go.  Though "radio wars" are always encouraged behind the scenes to make things interesting and maybe help the ratings.  The Game needed to do something like land a popular local personality like DB, but I don't think moving T, B and H to the morning to open the drivetime slot is working--mornings are tricky to fill and the Rise Guys were good at it--way better than most local alternatives. Bucher is as boring as ever and Huff is awful and I could care less about stories from his career.  He was on the WS team--great--but its not like he was a local sports fixture and his departure from the team was painful. A morning show needs a manager like Whitey, but Towney is not good at it--Towney should have "color" role on a team.

And this came on the heels of a lot of changes at the Game--I mean, two hours for Steinmetz and O.C. before lunch with no promotional support?  Doomed to fail.  Brandon Tierney?  Jeeeesus.  Keeping Bucher in favor or Steiny as the station's basketball guy? Don't like it--Steiny had dry sense of humor that worked.  Haberman is much better with a partner and I like Middlekauf's NFL takes.  Troy Clardy is boring as hell and sounds like he is reading his lines.  Bring on Tittle full-time at night.  

Shoulda just moved Bucher and Towney to night to follow DB.  Not sure how Barrett keeps his job.

2 months ago on Damon Bruce on Gary Radnich: “He’s the Solange to my Beyoncé”


@Pulgas de Brent Burns I agree.  And of course there's that one host on the one station with great hair.  That other host who likes that one team can't compete with that.

2 months ago on KNBR dominates May ratings, 95.7 says “thanks, but no thanks” to World Cup


@Slam I hear ya but I think they are getting better--we had a rookie owner, rookie gm and rookie coach and its been painful.  I mean, re-hiring Gregg Knapp? Not cutting Seymour loose at the first opportunity?  The Janikowski extension? The merry-go-round at QB and CB, two of the four cornerstone positions?

But now they have position coaches like Sparano that are sticking around, drafting better, have better, depth (except at CB) better contract decisions and an actual QB, Schaub will be good this year.

My biggest worry is DA--we have no clue what kind of a coach he is, except that he is super conservative.  We'll see how it goes.

2 months ago on Former sports agent reviews structure of Raiders contracts under Reggie McKenzie


Agree, CB is a huge issue and I was really surprised they didn't to to sign Flowers to a one-year deal, given how much cap space they still have.  My guess is they will sign another CB or CB during camp when the cuts starts to flow.  Hayden has promise and Mayock liked him so there is hope there--he is very fluid and has great feet but needs to bulk up and be more aggressive.  That will happen when he gets stronger and can hang with the larger WRs like Bowe and Thomas.  But I would not have drafted Hayden--I liked the trade back but Star Lotulelei was available dammit!

2 months ago on Raiders roster preview: Cornerbacks a cause for concern


The game was last Friday. We knew no one got hurt in the game. Allen's comments were made Monday. They were widely reported. Then this article, repeating it all, shows up 48 hrs later.

What's the point?

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Dennis Allen not pleased with Raiders vs. 49ers charity basketball game


This was in the news last week.  No one got hurt during the game.  Why write this now?

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Dennis Allen not pleased with Raiders vs. 49ers charity basketball game


Great article. Mayock is a find, enthusiastic and insightful. Knows the Draft like no one else. Disagree with you on Tirico. On TV, his impact is lessened by the visual, but I had the displeasure of listening to his radio broadcast of the National Championship game. Awful...that big, fake voice wore me down by then end of first quarter.

Millen: What is the NFL Network thinking? He has no credibility with the listener. When he talks about talent, I immediately think of his draft record, where he drafted about 60 players during his run in Detroit--only 2 made pro bowl, and about half his draftees had washed out of the NFL before he even left the team in 2008. It is an insult to the listener to have him broadcasting.

Buck: What a pain this guy is. A nerd and a prima donna rolled into one.

Very interesting comparison Fox vs. CBS teams. Fox needs help.

3 years, 7 months ago on The NFL Broadcasting Manifesto