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Great read Chris, thanks for sharing your tips and advice. As social media is becoming the main influence and connections within your market, it's also getting more work keeping up with them. Our main social interactions are Twitter, Facebook and now Google plus. 

Posting unique content and engaging on all 3 is somewhat time consuming for the average small business owner. Posting the same tweet or facebook status to all your social networks is not going to cut it anymore.

Interesting ideas.

1 year, 4 months ago on Writing for Different Social Media Platforms


Hey Ben, Great article, do you have any tutorial on how to setup and track the ROI for social media channels like you have done in the image above.


2 years ago on ROI V Engagement – Quantifying Social Media


Great read Adam, really interest concept. I like the the trust flow calculation method to determine spammy links on your profile. What have your rankings or have you seen any improvements to doing this.


Danny Howard

2 years ago on Surfacing Unnatural Links > Why You’re Doing it Wrong