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First, superbly written story, both in terms of mechanics and knowledge of the two teams. Thanks!

Were I the Nationals' GM and you Baltimore's, this is what I would say to your trade proposal.

"You can have Moore and Smoker, no problem. Moore will be a low average, high power first baseman in time, but we already have Michael Morse ready to return to first when Adam LaRoche is traded/not renewed next winter. And Smoker has made the transition to relief pitcher pretty well but we have lots of quality relievers.

But in Milone, Peacock and Rosenbaum, you have three pitchers who will all become strong major league starters. Adam Jones isn't worth all that. We will give you Peacock and Rosenbaum, perhaps throw in Eury Perez, but not Milone, Peacock and Rosenbaum. Perhaps we'll add a mid-level prospect, maybe two, but you then have to give us back a mid-level of your own.

Also, we'll need a 48 hour window to see if we can extend Jones a few years. If you do that, and it works, we may be willing to throw an extra mid-level prospect in the package."

How does that work for you?

2 years, 8 months ago on Could Washington and Baltimore matchup on a deal for Adam Jones?