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I thought it was a very important part of the story. How many people have wondered how the other players have reacted to his full-frontal-honesty regarding his orientation? I thought that his trying to shower alone--if true--showed a lot about the man, that his homosexuality wasn't an arrow in his political quiver, that he was just another guy trying to live his life.

But no, the thought police are saying that isn't an integral part of the story.  Really???? The very reason that society for more than a century has shunned gays on sports team--and in the military--isn't pertinent? 

I picture some lesbian somewhere sitting at a desk (with a sign above that reads: "All the news that I think is fit to print") with a virtual red pencil, striking out sentences and paragraphs of stories she deems to be "offensive." 

Pretty sad. I think most of us are libertarian in our views until someone tells us our views are unacceptable. Hey, censors, you're making things worse for your cause. You're turning those of us who don't have a dog in the hunt to get a little grumpy.

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Everyone should click on Rebecca's name and see the last dozen or so stories she has written. Talk about a one-track, blinders-on thought process. But hey, at least for now, the 1st Amendment still applies, so that's a good thing (and she writes well).

I too write for a living, but I'm a Dragnet Joe Friday "Just the facts" kind of reporter. I don't try to come up with a way to twist the narrative to justify my politics. 

I guess that's why I write for a paper in Idaho's third-largest city. Just not good enough for the big time.

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Unlike Democrats, I love the 1st Amendment and every voice--even a dissenting one--is good for the nation's soul.

That said, America will never recover from the liberal "winter" until subjective opinions are no longer considered as objective facts. 

As a member of the "whacko right," I want the environment to be clean and safe every bit as much as liberals, but I want it because it's the right thing to do, not because of false and misleading information used by the left. 

If Dems would have allowed a slow, careful process towards change--instead of a tantrum-like "give me all and give it NOW!" attitude, we'd be a third of the way there. 

Electric cars will be part of our society when 1) they are as affordable as gas cars, 2) they are just as fast and powerful, and 3) the people want them. Being force fed an inferior product just don't work.

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First, superbly written story, both in terms of mechanics and knowledge of the two teams. Thanks!

Were I the Nationals' GM and you Baltimore's, this is what I would say to your trade proposal.

"You can have Moore and Smoker, no problem. Moore will be a low average, high power first baseman in time, but we already have Michael Morse ready to return to first when Adam LaRoche is traded/not renewed next winter. And Smoker has made the transition to relief pitcher pretty well but we have lots of quality relievers.

But in Milone, Peacock and Rosenbaum, you have three pitchers who will all become strong major league starters. Adam Jones isn't worth all that. We will give you Peacock and Rosenbaum, perhaps throw in Eury Perez, but not Milone, Peacock and Rosenbaum. Perhaps we'll add a mid-level prospect, maybe two, but you then have to give us back a mid-level of your own.

Also, we'll need a 48 hour window to see if we can extend Jones a few years. If you do that, and it works, we may be willing to throw an extra mid-level prospect in the package."

How does that work for you?

2 years, 10 months ago on Could Washington and Baltimore matchup on a deal for Adam Jones?