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is that KRIT?

1 year, 10 months ago on Trinidad James in adidas Mutombo


for all of those folks out there stricken with white guilt, ronnie fieg says you can rest easy tonight...SMH. Im really sick of celebrities and the like whoring out for headlines with "minimum impact effort, maximum media prescence" publicity stunts like this. This was clearly done entirely for positive PR, doing something good for kids of haiti was entirely secondary here. Shame on SN for giving these fucks the satisfaction of stroking their ego. Seriously, whos idea was this? Giving underprivileged youths super limited sneakers is an easy way to garner them some unwanted attention anywhere in the world (you think only first world countries are brand conscious and capable of violent jealousy?), besides the fact that if promoting Asics was not the primary goal, they would have chosen to distribute a low cost, practical shoe (such as TOMS) to as many children as possible under that same budget to, y'know, actually provide some relief? 

2 years ago on Ronnie Fieg Donates Asics Gel Lyte III “Super Green” to Kids in Haiti