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Poor girl, she was absent the day they taught law in her law school.  So who appointed this moron to the bench in the first place.

1 year, 3 months ago on State judge says Detroit bankruptcy doesn’t honor Obama, cancels bankruptcy; Michigan appeals ruling…


What a bunch of sissies the Rangers and their fans are.  Dupuis didn't even hit Del Zotto, and it followed after all a race to the puck down in the Ranger's Zone after all.  What wasn't shown during that exchange with Cooke was Nash's slash at Cooke from the bench, which is at least an overlooked 5 minute major for initiating a fight while not actually on the ice.  The Rangers and their fans are constantly whining about how the other teams are not penalized and how everyone else plays dirty, and in this one instance, Dupuis was called for a penalty that wasn't one, and Nash got away with his crap.  Maybe Torterella can squirt a few tears about how a team that consistently wins is arrogant, or maybe he should concentrate on making his team actually play better.

1 year, 6 months ago on Lundqvist Fine After Pulling Hamstring, Addresses Cooke's Antics