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Dear American Friends,

It is inspiring to see that you still have some decent politicians like the one in Kansas!


The Feds are traitors and most of them serve Israel not your Nation!

You have no president, he is not even legal American citizen!


Those traitors put him on the "throne", so that ordinary citizen could not criticize the "real owners of your country", like late George Carlin used to say in his accurate description in "The American Dream" show.


Your army is under Israel command and service, you have lost the ability to make and control your own currency, because the "House of Rothschild" and other 4-5 Jewish families own and TOTALLY control your banking system, media, education, religion, morality and your destiny....

You allowed yourself to be a slave nation to Israel!


You work for them and pay yearly "the tithe" and "give free" other military handouts, so they can terrorize and murder children and innocent human beings all over....even your own citizens!

"Liberty", J.F.Kennedy, 9-11.......

They even put extra kosher tax on most food and other daily used articles!


Unbelievable.... in "civilized" nation! 


Dump the parasites from your skin!

Keep your gans ready, for the battle that is inevitable!

Do not be afraid, pray and stick together!



2 years ago on Kansas 2nd Amendment Preservation Act Moves Another Step Closer to the Governor’s Desk – Tenth Amendment Center Blog