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Those who are opposed to nullification are opposed to the very foundation of our nation. Through our revolution we nullified British rule. Why, our Jury system itself was meant to nullify an over zealous government. Those who are opposed to nullification were against the Nuremberg Trials, which found that the excuse that "I was just following orders," did not suffice: for those who knew those orders were wrong should have nullified them, by not carrying them out. So today, I suspect if a police officer, or in our present case, a soldier, is told by a superior officer to shoot American children, or fire a missile from a drone into an American's home; we should expect him to do so without question. We should expect that Judges that lie to Juries about their duties and their rights to not only judge the case but to judge the law; should get away with aiding in the conviction of citizens that their fellow citizens would never convict on their own. Finally, we should say that in a nation where no longer the majority votes, where no longer elections or the national campaigns that orchestrate them can even be considered fare or remotely without fraud; that the citizens to which this nation belongs have no right to rise up and free themselves. I think not.

2 years ago on There’s Nothing Radical about Nullification