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I can buy into the fact that we may have overpaid for what we got, but take issue with your characterization of Grigson as 'weak' in evaluating NFL talent.  He took a whole bunch of suspect talent and won 11 games with it last year.  For me, that buys him the benefit of the doubt.  He also is willing to stand up in front of the fans and discuss his perspective, something Bill Polian would never consider.


Let's let the 2013 season play out before fully evaluating this FA period.  If Cherilus and Landry don't produce, we've got problems.  Otherwise all the signings will have minimal impact beyond next year.  With 3 draft classes to build this monster, all the free agents need to do is plug holes and add depth until the young guns like Luck, Allen, Chapman, etc get themselves established.


To that end, look for the Colts to go after a stud receiver with their first pick.  If not, they should trade down and try to get a couple picks in rounds 2 and 3 so they can add a linebacker, corner back, and receiver.  That should give us quite a team going into the season.  Since Houston and Tennessee didn't make huge upgrades, and Jax is Jax, the Colts stand a good chance of another 10+ win season and a fight for division champ.  If this can be the coming out year for Luck and crew, it could be fun.  This team will be deep and not have major holes to work around.

2 years ago on Playing the Market in Free Agency