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As far as slashing cross checking and hooking go your right on the refs suck but they did that the first game too im just happy that our team came to play its gonna be a tough decision for who replaces dekeyser im glad bert got in a game could be things to come he needs another two games then he will be playing good as far as the crease why are our players standing there when the ducks are right next to them and not fighting for position i dont get why they arent poke checking the puck off their sticks instead of standing watching them play i hope they understand what they need to do after that come back

1 year, 11 months ago on Red Wings vs Ducks Game 2 Recap


After the cunucks game i admit i was worried but never gave up faith that they can pull it together last night was a good offensive but mostly defensive game but the guys came through for howard i hope they keep hank and dats been pulling this team the must be dog tired but after last night it didnt look like it they played great against the cunucks but couldnt finish them off but turned around and pulled off a great win last night we need the points i really didnt care about this season at first i was upset about the lockout but as soon as i knew there was hockey i couldnt stop watching alot of injurys to are other top guys had me nervous still does without bert and helm would love to have them right now but anderson, nyquist and tatar stepped up wish tatar was up here right now im hoping they can pull off the next three or at least two in regulation enough said as you put it its all about heart and playing the game

1 year, 11 months ago on Hey Detroit - Play Like The Blue Jackets And You'll Be Fine


Like ive been saying all along bring tatar back up to play keep nyquist and anderson up and see what works obviously sammy dont want to play

2 years ago on It's Trade Deadline Day - But Holland Says Don't Expect Anything