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And another 30 win season for Lundqvist.

3 weeks, 3 days ago on


I was at the game. I disagree with your assessment that Stepan is finding his stride despite scoring a goal. He made a ton of terrible decisions last night. I don't get his propensity for dumping the puck, especially when Nash has a rare open lane into the offensive zone. Totally kills the momentum. Why even dump the puck when there's no one to chase it? Doesn't seem to know what to do on the PP either. And what was he doing during Parise's gwg? Don't think Stepan and Nash are complementary players. 

Puck was bouncing all over the place. Wild forechecked hard and clogged up the neutral zone. Rangers didn't adjust and continued to flub cute passes. Top 6 aren't burying their scoring chances, while opponents are capitalizing on their mistakes. D system needs to tighten up the rest of the way and into the playoffs.

All the players should just give their salaries to McD, Girardi, Zuc, and the goalies. These guys are the only ones who consistently play with heart. Imagine Nash with Zuc's heart, smh. I'll even take Pouliot's heart at this point; at least he hits someone most shifts.  

When did high sticking on a follow-thru become a non-penalty? At least I have a couple of Parise bobbleheads...for target practice. 

1 month, 1 week ago on Wild 2, Rangers 1