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I wish more dogmatic zealots on both sides of the coin could see this. I lean heavily toward science, and as established in proper science the burden of proof lies on the one making the claim. If you want to say religious folk need to back their claims that is acceptable. However, if you on the other hand turn around and claim that deists cannot prove a god, hence there must not be one... well then I would ask for your evidence as well. Your opponent being wrong, does not automatically make you right.


Somewhere in the comments I read something about the atrocities perpetrated by fascist atheist dictators. Along with a lack of contributions to science. I have to say, that is mildly hilarious, and here's why. Where is your proof? There is proof that the crusades, the inquisition, the Moors invading Europe, and countless other religiously motivated atrocities happened. Now I'm not saying that only religious people kill. I point that out because someone out there is going to twist my words and repaint my sentiment thusly. I am simply saying. YOU MADE A CLAIM, BACK IT UP. Also, claiming religion contributed to science in any major way (other than motivating people to look elsewhere) is equal lunacy, for obvious reasons. We could live in an age with flying cars and extraplanetary colonies if not for religion. However, I will say at least an attempt was made here to present evidence. Though the argument is highly fallacious. The author of said article touched on correlation=causation fallacy immediately, and then proceeded to repeat the fallacy over and over in the first stage of his argument. I didn't read further, because I didn't need to. The conclusion was based of less than facts and logic. This does not necessarily make the conclusion incorrect, however, before I can in good conscience accept it as such, the work needs to be revised.

2 years ago on It Doesn’t Matter If God Exists