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Another great way to use Twitter Lists is to use them with @trendspottr to surface relevant trends from a curated selection of influencers or Twitter accounts. For example, Robert Scoble, the noted blogger and technology enthusiast, has curated many lists, including one called "Most Influential in Tech". This list includes almost 300 of the most influential technology sources and Twitter accounts. You can view the list here:!/Scobleizer/most-influential-in-tech. 

 The TrendSpottr Premium app on HootSuite ( supports Twitter list URLs. Copy and paste any Twitter list URL into the search bar on TrendSpottr Premium and TrendSpottr will surface trending content (news, links, videos, photos), trending hashtags and trending sources from this list. It's a great way to turn the noise of a Twitter list into predictive signals and insights. 

More details on how to use Twitter lists with TrendSpottr here:  

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Another Alerts product you may want to check out is TrendSpottr Alerts ( Similar to Google Alerts but sends alerts based on predictive social trending signals. Also includes real-time sentiment and analytics with all email notifications. 

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