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Great analysis! 

Nadal's win streak this summer is a bit of a surprise. The last time I wrote off Roger Federer he came back and won the Wimbledon! Despite the complicated ranking system, I would bet on Federer creeping back up top five...

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Great post Ric! 

I agree with your statement that great leaders don't provide all the answers. In fact I believe that having  great "co-workers" around them helps them get the answers that they don't already have...

1 year, 12 months ago on Of Bosses and Essentials by @RicDragon #bealeader


Agree with you that the impersonal approach to FF that you see today does not work for most people. Especially when the recommenders themselves do not follow the recommendees! Heard you on Six Pixels a while ago...

2 years ago on How Our #FollowFriday Recommendations Work