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Since we are talking about next season already, could you do an article where you design the best 25 man roster that the angels could theoretically have at the start of next year(Obviously, no lineups that are impossible, like us trading Kendrick for Machado and Bundy) . I think that would be an interesting storyline seeing how badly 2013 has gone, we Angel fans wouldn't mind moving on. 

P.S. Idk if you do this or not already, this is my first full year reading this site. Great stuff btw.

1 year, 7 months ago on Analyzing the 2014 Angels schedule... for some reason


I don't know where to leave this, so I'll leave it here. Why aren't the angels going after Masahiro Tanaka? He is young and we need pitching. Does he fit our needs too well, so naturally Arte will sign Cano instead?

1 year, 7 months ago on Halo Headlines: 2014 schedule released, Bourjos undergoes wrist surgery


I have a question. If we have so many prospects ready to kill it in the majors, then why are we rated one of the worst farm systems in baseball?

1 year, 8 months ago on Position battles of the future


What I don't understand is how Blanton is this bad? Do we have a curse or something? I mean Dipoto's logic seemed really good. Nobody expected a Cy young award, but a 5.66 ERA........why? why you gotta play us like that Blanton? Up next Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez maybe. (couldn't be much worse)

1 year, 9 months ago on It is time for the Angels to put Joe Blanton out of his misery


I have a question. Humans made these statistics to better describe what they saw. However, how do we even know these work at all in describing defensive ability. Let me explain. OBP is OBP, BB is BB, HR is HR, these kind of stats are just counting and doing some easy math. How we interpret them is up to us but they do not change. No one can subjectively define what a walk or home run is. It is objective. However the defense stats seem to be the exact opposite. When these stats were created didn't the creators of each stat put more emphasize into whatever category he thought better described defensive ability, bringing more importance to certain abilities than others?


For example lets say I am creating a defense statistic. I am trying to calculate 3B effectiveness.  From watching games I see, subjectively, that Adrian Beltre is an absolute beast of a defensive third basemen, but I don't really like Evan Longria's glove. Now I know for certain that I can with enough tinkering make my stat say that Beltre is better than Longoria, but the problem is just as subjectively, someone can make their stat say Longoria is better than Beltre. So the question is, and maybe you can enlighten me on this point, which stats would be correct and where is the proof? All these stats say his fielding is good, or his fielding is poor, but is there any concrete, certifiable evidence that shows a defensive metric is pure and unbiased? Because any stat that says Trumbo is a better fielder than Trout and Bourjos, that can't be right, can it?

1 year, 11 months ago on The curious case of the Angels poor outfield defensive metrics


I have an idea. That 6th inning when Vargas left and Jepsen came in with runners on 1st and 2nd, I don't think its fair that Vargas was charged with both runs. Do you think they will ever change that rule. The pitchers should split the runs. For instance if a guy leaves with the bases loaded and they all score, the starting pitcher should be credited with 75% of the run for the guy on third, 50% for the guy on 2nd and 25% for the guy on first, with the reliever getting the other % for each runner. I think that could be more fair, what do you think?

2 years ago on Same Story. Same Result, Angels Fall to A's 8- 1


I have a question. If Hamilton was always talking about his wife and kids and how they help him solve problems and get through trials, would you have a problem with it then? It's like what Tebow said. He has an incredible love for Jesus, and its the most important thing in his life, so he talks about Him. Idk I personally like that  they talk about Jesus. Better than being arrogant and always giving themselves praise like tons of athletes do, but I guess they talk about what they love most.  

2 years ago on Learning to love Josh Hamilton


Garrett Wilson, I like this site but come on man, this post is questionable.

First, how is small ball killing you. We don't win the 2002 World Series without it and it worked perfectly in that inning yesterday. Grant it Shuck struck out, but what about Iannetta. Bases loaded 1 out, and he strikes out. That's why that inning fell apart.

Second, Scioscia put Burnett before Downs so he could save his better pitcher for an entire inning. You question Scioscia's bullpen method, but it was masterful. Don't believe me? Then how did the bullpen manage to go 7 scoreless innings? Scioscia did a great job, I worry for when we have our first bad game of the year, if this is how critically you are after we win.


2 years ago on Playoff baseball in April, Angels beat Reds 3-1