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He doesn't play again until MAYBE Thursday at home vs Arizona. Although it was a good victory for him, he did not prove that he played or can play better than Talbot. The Rangers suffocated Buffalo and they never had a chance, no matter who was in net.

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Hey, for those of you guys who were looking for a dependable HD web stream, here is the link again (I posted a few days ago in another thread). I'm a long time reader, not one to post much though, so I know my trust level is low, but if somebody does give it a try and finds it to be trustworthy, please spread the word. This website has helped me to remain a happy Rangers fan for quite some time now.

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I used to live in GA for a while, and used


It was okay, but the past 2 years I've been in OH, CO, FL, and needed something better quality.


High quality, and switches during intermissions to games around the league. I think the guy is a Rangers/Leafs fan, but always prioritizes the Rangers.

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Long time reader, seldom commenter...

But I'm having a hard time grasping the reviews of Boyle that portray him as "poor guy" or praising him when he had that short scoring streak for a few games.

Consistently, every single game (at least 9/10) I find myself screaming at the tv because Boyle turned the puck over for the 2nd or 3rd time on the night, and his mistakes regularly turn into goals against. My wife has grown to dislike Boyle as much as I do because she hears me yell his name so frequently.

Am I the only one with this opinion? Because every morning I wake up and read the blog expecting him to be catching as much flak as Glass (yes, comparative to his 4.5 mil to Glass's 1.5, I think that Boyle has performed much worse this season).

Ps: not defending Glass either...he has not done the "tough" things everybody defended the signing for, and he doesn't merrit the playing time he gets from AV, but that's a different discussion that has been discussed too much in length already.

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Rangers no longer record holders for longest shootout. FLA beats WAS in 20 rounds. 2 shooters from each team shoot twice...

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@GLENsatherVSglennDANZIG I'll have to disagree with you on "we played really well most of the night."

Rangers ran around like chickens with their heads cut off again. A hail mary blast from McD at the waning seconds of the period reinvigorates them slightly, and Step's weak goal gives them an undeserved lead in the game, then they continue to let them pummel us, and we never sustain any kind of offensive pressure. 

If they can't do something in the offensive end of the ice besides pass back and forth behind their net until we lose a board battle and scramble back to prevent an odd-man rush, we don't win this series (unless we get more lucky goals).

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<following a *scoring opportunity* like that one at the buzzer>

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I agree with the overall negative write-up. The first period was a snoozefest, collectively the Rangers did nothing in the realm of "sustained offensive pressure" (though, I can't say I really expected to see any...).

Once again Lundqvist stands on his head (sure, one softy (I don't think Krug's was that soft), but keep in mind the overtime PK wonder saves, or his big shoulder save, or the third period breakaway save; his performance overall was incredible like usual, but the team fails to put forth the same effort he does.

Rangers PP continues to be a momentum killer for us, and a confidence builder for them.

Was Lundqvist yelling at DZ for screening him after the Bruins' post as the 3rd period buzzer rang? I've never seen him get upset at a player on the team following a goal like that.

Tortorella post game says it perfectly: "We got spanked in OT"

Zucc played well, but the Bruins are just a bad match up for him: exhibited by some board battles he lost, and the OT goal...nothing he can do on those, props for never giving up though; he's my favorite Rangers every game.

Somebody else comments about us being gassed come OT, and I couldn't agree more. For having notoriously the most intense training camp around, it baffles me. But then I remember that the first 2 lines play the entire duration of the game, so no wonder. Granted, tonight was a baby step in the right direction; seemed like the 3rd D pair, and 3/4 O lines got more time than usual, but I haven't actually checked for myself yet.

Game 2 needs to see a Rangers team with a fire under their asses...otherwise we're down 2-0 again, and I don't foresee a round 2 comeback...that being said, I always have good feelings about our Sunday matinee games, so I think we upset the home ice advantage this weekend.

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However, all that being said, by no means do I hope we lose on Saturday vs the Devils, we need all the momentum/confidence we can get (the boys should be flying out there with the kind of confidence and relief and no-pressure they all talked about in post-game interviews) going into round 1.

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Somebody else mentioned it below, but I'll bring it up as a topic for conversation, not just my opinion...


Who do we want in the first round? Pittsburgh, Boston(Montreal), or Washington?

I vote Pittsburgh. I think we out play them physically, their finesse doesn't capitalize on our strong D and Hank, and we out-shoot them, getting some puck-luck against Flower.


Boston would be my second choice; it would be an incredible series, it would go 7 games, and it would come down to puck-luck in the end. They match our physicality, and Rask has been pretty solid. It would be a gritty series, only downside is, whoever comes out of it the victor, is going to be banged up and exhausted.


Washington is my third; They're red-hot. Ovechkin has always had Hank's #, and they'll come at us with a speed and tempo that we won't match. They'll dominate us in my opinion, especially after last season, they'll be looking to make it a quick series, and we'll be on our heels the whole time playing Torts' style (which I don't mind, just saying that some systems work well against certain teams, and others don't).


Lastly is Montreal for me; They're my dark-horse in the playoffs. Although they're by no means an underdog team, they haven't gotten much public attention recently; they've kinda just keep trucking along all season quietly battling Boston for the NE title. They haven't been hot recently, but I think they turn on the after-burners come round 1, and completely shock whoever their opponent is (TOR).


Long post, sorry. Opinions?

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Our new "Captain Clutch." Callahan really has turned into a younger, more blue-collar version of Drury. He's developing his offensive finesse game so much over the last 2 seasons, without losing his blue-collar, hard working, give up the body attitude. If he's not your favorite Ranger, I don't know what you're smoking (unless you're into Hank, that's the only other viable option).

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 @KevinDeLury  @ForEachNYR But he was hardly being a pest akin to Avery's style... He was just playing hard-nosed/gritty. It was Skinner that was causing trouble, and LaRose who caused the scrum after the goal. Canes were just playing chippy at that point in the game. I didn't see MZA do anything to get under their skin.

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Not saying I'm a gung-ho supporter of Kreider, but in my opinion, in the 4 mins of ice-time he's averaged on these random call-ups, I think he has played well. Played hard along the boards, skated harder than anyone on his shift (not difficult for a young kid when playing on the 4th, but my point stands), and I think given the situation we were in before Richie hitting his groove (hopefully it's actually back for good and not just a blip on the radar), Kreider should have had his playing time gradually scaled up by Torts (I like him, support everything he's done; sure I've had some angry screaming rants about him myself, but generally support/trust him/Sather). Given our current situation, you can't mess with the top 3 lines we have, which means Kreider is stuck with whatever limited time he can get, and I do agree, it's good for him to travel/practice with the team during the playoffs instead of playing with the Whale (Wolf Pack (thank god)).


But: just to make my point about why earlier in the season (when we were struggling) I would have liked to have seen Kreider getting more time, the following was cut from a post from NYdailynews that Kevin posted a link to, and I think it's perfectly applicable to Kreider.


RALEIGH, N.C. — Mats Zuccarello left the Rangers for Russia’s KHL last summer because he hadn’t received a fair shake, toiling in the minors for most of the 2011-12 season.

Now Zuccarello is playing as well as he ever has as a Ranger, and he says it’s because since re-signing on March 28, “I’ve felt like I’m a big part of the group.

“From Day One, I’ve played a lot,” Zuccarello said after Tuesday night’s 3-2 loss in Florida. “I’ve felt like I’m a big part of the group. And as soon as you do that, you get your confidence up and you kind of make plays that you probably wouldn’t do if you didn’t have your confidence up.”

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He's like Frodo carrying the hopes of the world (the Rangers playoff hopes) on his shoulders. He takes the responsibility, even when there are bigger/faster/stronger guys on this team. Every game I love this kid more and more...LGR!

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